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The digital police platform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was launched


The Ministry of Internal Affairs has enhanced its electronic services, building upon innovative technological solutions to foster transparency and efficiency in police-citizen interactions and enhance citizen-centric services.

Through the utilization of the E-Polis application or the portal, citizens can now access numerous services provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs online, eliminating the need to visit police stations. Registration with an identification number or easy login grants access to these platforms.

The application features various sections where users can access informative resources pertaining to matters within the Ministry of Internal Affairs' jurisdiction, review documents, and pay fines online.

In the "New applications" section, citizens can obtain certificates of conviction, electronically signed insurance certificates related to vehicle damage, vehicle load, and road traffic accidents, as well as apply for temporary registration at their location—all without leaving their homes.

Through the "Virtual 102" section, citizens can promptly lodge complaints or inquiries via video, voice recording, or written submissions.

Additionally, the application facilitates the submission and handling of activity requests and recruitment inquiries.

The E-Polis application is available for download on the App Store or Google Play Store.