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The minister of internal affairs Vilayat Eyvazov made an official visit to the Republic of Bulgaria 


By the invitation of the minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria Boyko Rashkov, the delegation led by the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, colonel-general Vilayat Eyvazov made a two-day official visit to this country.

On June 23, the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Rumen Radev has received the delegation led by the Minister of Internal Affairs Vilayat Eyvazov. The head of state stating that Azerbaijan is a strategic partner for Bulgaria expressed his satisfaction with the development of relations between our countries and emphasized that he attaches great importance to comprehensive cooperation. He highly appreciated the friendly relations between the two countries and the strategic dialogue between Sofia and Baku in a number of areas of common interest, and said that the promotion of cooperation between law enforcement authorities in combating crime is an important factor for increasing partnership between Bulgaria and Azerbaijan.

Mr. R. Radev stating that both countries support each other's independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty in the international arena, despite being located in a very complicated region, the republic has achieved great success in recent years under the leadership of Mr. Ilham Aliyev emphasized that Azerbaijan pursued independent policy serving to its national interests and its reputation in the world is increasing day by day and asked to deliver his sincere greetings and best wishes to the head of state.

The Minister of Internal Affairs Vilayat Eyvazov expressing his gratitude to the President of Bulgaria Mr. Rumen Radev for the attention, kind words and valuable opinions about Azerbaijan, as well as for receiving the delegation delivered the sincere greetings of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev to the attention of the President of Bulgaria.
Later, a meeting was held between the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria Boyko Rashkov and the delegation led by colonel-general Vilayat Eyvazov. At the meeting, the existing relations between the Ministries of Internal Affairs of the two countries were highly appreciated, and confidence was expressed that the cooperation will be further strengthened and developed in all directions. The possibilities of development and deepening of bilateral relations in the field of internal affairs and security, the importance of combating various forms of transnational organized crime, and the importance of effective combating only with joint efforts were emphasized.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, colonel-general Vilayat Eyvazov noting the development of historical friendly relations between our countries expressed his satisfaction with his visit to Bulgaria and expressed his gratitude for the organization of the visit at a high level. He noted that they are interested in cooperation with their Bulgarian colleagues, exchange of experience and information in the field of various manifestations of transnational organized crime, terrorism, cybercrime, trafficking in human beings, illegal drug trafficking, illegal migration.
At the end, the ministers of internal affairs signed the "Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between the Police Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria". It was noted that this Memorandum would expand opportunities for the exchange of best practices in the field of education and would contribute to raising the level of professional training of police officers.


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