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Press Release by the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


On July 12, the Ministry of Internal Affairs held an extended board meeting devoted to the results of activities in combating crime, protection of public order and maintenance of public security in 6 months of 2019 as well as the forthcoming tasks.
 Opening the meeting, Minister of Internal Affairs Colonel-General Vilayat Eyvazov emphasized that awarding of state prizes to a group of employees on the eve of the 101th anniversary of the establishment of the Azerbaijani police by decrees of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev has become another testimony to the high level of confidence placed in the Internal Affairs bodies.
Speaking about the situation of combating crime and ensuring public security in the republic in the first half of the current year, Minister noted that positive results achieved in previous periods in this area have developed in many directions, the legitimate interests, rights and freedoms of citizens have been reliably protected, the criminal situation has been kept under control, and the internal affairs bodies in general performed their duties.
Next, the Minister Eyvazov delivered a broad report having noted that during the reporting period, 12,411 crimes were registered by the Internal Affairs bodies and Prosecutor's Office, 88.5 percent of them were the crimes not posing serious public threat and minor offences. He emphasized that the number of attempted intentional homicides decreased by 12.2 percent, intended severe bodily harm crimes decreased by 4.1 percent, crimes against property decreased by 8.1 percent, hooliganism crimes decreased by 25.1 percent, crimes committed in public places decreased by 35 percent, while the crime detection rate increased and reached 83.1 percent. Also, 1852 accused persons evading from the court, investigation and prosecution authorities were arrested. The Minister noted that in comparison with 6 months of the last year, the rate of detection of grave and especially grave crimes against personality, intentional homicides, attempted homicides, fraud, and robbery improved considerably and 163 crimes which remained unsolved from the past years have been solved.

 The reporter noted that in the past 6 months, 424 criminal groups were neutralized in the result of operational and search activities carried out in the field of combating organized crime, 65 persons who illegally held and carried firearms were brought to criminal responsibility, 810 kilograms of narcotic drugs were removed from illegal circulation and about 74 tons of narcotic plants were detected and destroyed.
At the same time, the Minister stated that the program tasks set by the President of country in the field of reception of citizens and consideration of their appeals were performed in the first half of this year and noted that the leadership of the Ministry received 2749 citizens, including 680 citizens in different cities and regions of the republic, and most of the issues raised by citizens were resolved positively.
Minister of Internal Affairs of the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan, Lieutenant-General Fazil Alakbarov, Chief of the Main Police Department of Baku City, Police Major-General Mirgafar Seyidov, Chief of the Main Operational and Statistical Information Department of MIA, police Major-General Elshan Kazimov, Chief of the Main Police Department of Ganja city, police Colonel Akbar Ismayilov and others delivered their speeches on the report and informed about the work done, achieved results, existing shortcomings and planned remedial actions.
Summing up the meeting, Minister Vilayat Eyvazov noted that in general operational and service activities were satisfactory during the reporting period, employees and servicemen distinguished themselves with high professionalism in the fight against crime, maintenance of public security, and the protection of internal stability and order in the country together with other law enforcement agencies was successfully continued.
Having noted that President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev always highly appreciated the activities of the internal affairs bodies, the Minister of Internal Affairs emphasized that such special trust of the head of state puts great responsibility on them and encouraged the staff to develop of positive results achieved, strictly adhere to the rules of ethical conduct in respect of citizens to ensure the high level of their satisfaction in every department and division, improve professionalism of the personnel, have high moral qualities and continue purposeful activities in these direction to meet President’s expectations.

In general, the Minister of Internal Affairs recalled that the staff of the internal affairs bodies has always made a worthy contribution to the implementation of the country's public security policy in close interaction with other state structures, and assured the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev on behalf of the staff that this work will be continued with great determination in the future, and all tasks arising from relevant legislative acts will be fulfilled at a high level. Employees and servicemen will spare no effort and skill in protecting stability, peace, and legal interests of the state and citizens against illegal actions and will finish 2019 with high performance results.
Then the awarding ceremony was held for a group of police officers on the occasion of the 101th Anniversary of the Azerbaijani Police.