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The Collegium meeting was held at the Ministry of Internal Affairs


On April 19th, the Ministry of Internal Affairs convened a Board meeting focused on assessing the state of affairs concerning combating crimes perpetrated through information technologies, addressing criminal appeals, and resolving crimes through forensic methodologies and techniques.
Commencing the meeting with an opening address, Minister Colonel-General Vilayat Eyvazov underscored the deliberate efforts to uphold public order and ensure security, emphasizing ongoing collaboration with other law enforcement agencies throughout the first quarter of 2024. 
It was highlighted that 85 percent of the 8,930 crimes recorded by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor's Office were successfully resolved.
Serious and particularly serious crimes, intentional serious harm to health, crimes against property, including thefts, robberies, robberies, crimes committed using information technologies, as well as group and family conflict crimes committed by previously convicted persons and minors have decreased compared to 3 months of 2023.
Improvements have been observed in the detection of crimes occurring under discreet circumstances, encompassing offenses against individuals, hooliganism, property crimes, thefts, frauds, robberies, and extortions by threats. Furthermore, 1 ton and 329 kilograms of narcotics were eradicated from illegal circulation, with 1,572 individuals held accountable for these offenses. Additionally, a decrease of 12.2 percent in the number of traffic accidents was recorded, resulting in 14 fatalities and 39 injuries.
Addressing the status of citizen satisfaction, particularly regarding the handling of appeals, the Minister highlighted positive outcomes in these areas. Notably, 80 percent of the 77,668,996 manats of material damages caused to individuals through criminal activities were reimbursed during the investigation process.
Subsequently, reports concerning the agenda items were presented. Chiefs from the General Department, departmental, and territorial police bodies provided insights into the discussed matters, detailing the work undertaken, achievements, and measures implemented to address existing deficiencies and shortcomings.
In concluding the collegium meeting, Minister Colonel-General V. Eyvazov affirmed that the duties and tasks mandated by the law were diligently executed throughout the first quarter of the current year. He underscored the positive outcomes attained in the battle against crime and the reinforcement of the rule of law, emphasizing the unwavering dedication of the personnel in carrying out their official duties with great perseverance.
Reiterating that ensuring citizen satisfaction is among the principal tasks outlined by President Ilham Aliyev of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the minister emphasized the imperative to prevent and resolve crimes, provide compensation for material damages resulting from illegal activities, address appeals, and handle receptions with heightened sensitivity.
He underscored the significance of broadening the scope of operational and technical measures in the fight against crime, particularly in detecting offenses perpetrated using information technologies and apprehending those responsible for such unlawful acts.
The Minister of Internal Affairs gave specific tasks in increasing the effectiveness of propaganda work in this area, taking additional measures in the direction of preparing educational materials that meet the requirements of the modern era and delivering them to the country's population, sensitively investigating criminal appeals in each territorial police body, related important issues such as the introduction of new approaches to the reliable protection of the legal interests of individuals from illegal acts, the improvement of the level of professionalism of employees based on the progressive international experience in the field of solving crimes with criminalistic methods and means. 

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