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Minister of Internal Affairs received young policemen returned to our country after their studies at MA level in Turkey


At the event held in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in this connection, the Minister, Colonel General Vilayat Eyvazov, brought to the attention of young officers that their service is an honourable duty and peace and stability were established in our country through the efforts of the law enforcement agencies including the internal affairs bodies. He emphasized that the stability factor lies at the heart of all-round development in all spheres of the social life in our republic, as stated our Great Leader and the esteemed President. And the Head of State has always rated high the success achieved in this field.

Minister V.Eyvazov noted that appointment of graduates of MIA colleges of our country and fraternal Turkey and in general improving the level of training of young staff, their promotion and professional level increase, loyalty to the state, devotion to their duty, and diligence, as well as paying proper attention and care to young police officers are among the issues under constant focus of the MIA leadership.

Having noted with satisfaction the high level of the cooperation between the Ministries of Internal Affairs of the two fraternal countries, Colonel General Vilayat Eyvazov expressed congratulations to young officers and wished success in their difficult but honoured service as well as recommended to maintain the highest level of the police’s authority, improve knowledge and skills, refine themselves, benefit from up-to-date information technologies, examine communications received from citizens with due sensitivity and efficiency, and make use of experience of colleagues in their activities.
27 December 2021