Information of the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


On January 23, the Board meeting was held in the Ministry of Internal Affairs dedicated to the results of the activities of the authorities of internal affairs of the republic in combating crime, protection of public order and provision of public security in 2022 and the duties set forth.
The minister, colonel-general Vilayat Eyvazov, opening the meeting with the introductory speech, stated that as a logical result of the law enforcement policy successfully implemented under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, stability based on solid foundations in our country has been reliably preserved in 2022. Significant works have been done by the authorities of internal affairs and Internal Troops in the direction of developing the positive results achieved in previous years. Official duties were duly performed in the field of combating crime, maintaining public order, and protecting human rights and freedoms and security has been reliably ensured at mass events of international and republican importance, as well as in territories liberated from occupation. 
The minister V. Eyvazov making a speech with a report emphasized that in 2022, 36,494 crimes were recorded in the state institutions that are the subject of search and investigation activities, and 95.2 percent of them were illegal acts investigated by the authorities of internal affairs and prosecution in a procedural manner. 83.4 percent of the crimes were crimes that do not pose a great public threat and were of minor severity.
89.7 percent of the crimes were detected with the implemented operational search measures and investigative actions. 85.3 percent of serious and particularly serious crimes, 85.7 percent of those that occurred in non-obvious circumstances, 98.2 percent of those against the personality, and 81.8 percent of those against property were detected and the results of detection of separate illegal acts were also high.
Continuous work was carried out in the field of crime prevention, detection, investigation, and protection of the legal interests of citizens in cooperation with the prosecutor's office, as well as the persons accused on the 368 criminal cases of previous years were identified and brought into liability.

It was also noted that in 2022, compared to the comparable period, crimes against the personality was decreased by 2.4 %, as well as attempted murder by 13 %, intentional serious harm to health by 5 %, crimes committed with the use of firearms by 17.6 %, those committed on the basis of family conflict by 2.4 %, cattle theft by 21.3 %.
With the implemented operational measures, 251 criminal groups were neutralized, 202 persons keeping and carrying firearms were brought into criminal liability, and 557 wanted accused persons were arrested.
The minister V. Eyvazov, stating that 3 tons 418 kg of drugs - 373 kilograms more in comparison with 2021 were removed from illegal circulation, and more than 172 tons of narcotic plants were detected and destroyed, positively assessed the works done in the relevant field in recent years. At the same time, he expressed gratitude to all the persons who took an active position in combating crime, especially in the prevention of illegal drug trafficking, emphasizing the participation of citizens and the fact that many operations with positive results were conducted based on their information.
The minister, touching on the necessity of more reasonable continuation of anti-drug propaganda among teenagers and the youth, emphasized the importance of focusing on reducing the demand for drugs in the country. He instructed to conduct the work in coordination with civil society and media representatives, social network users in this important field.
The minister, drawing attention to traffic congestion and traffic jams in the capital, required together with the relevant agencies, to prevent such situations, including illegal parking, stopping or standing that hinder the free, comfortable and safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians, and the removal of vehicles that cause such violations from traffic. 
The colonel-general Vilayat Eyvazov, who touched upon the implementation of important tasks such as ensuring citizen satisfaction, objectively and sensitively investigating applications and complaints, protecting the rule of law, and observing the rules of ethical behavior of personnel, delivered to the attention that a great activity has been mobilized in these directions, and the results were positive, as well as the issues raised during reception of citizens and investigation of thousands of applications were legally resolved, that nearly 3 million applications received by the "102" Service, hotlines, and posted on social networks were responded promptly, that approximately 88.3 percent of the material damage caused as a result of crimes was reimbursed, that the electronic services provided to the population were in accordance with modern requirements has been improved.
The heads of the Ministry's structural bodies and territorial police authorities presented their reports at the meeting.
The Minister of Internal Affairs, concluding the board meeting, delivering to the attention the existence of cases making negative impacts to the common wort along with the positive results achieved in operational service activity in 2022, assigned specific tasks and gave recommendations regarding the ways to eliminate them and the duties set forth. He also thanked the personnel for their service to the Republic of Azerbaijan.
The colonel-general Vilayat Eyvazov expressed deep gratitude on behalf of the personnel to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev for the high attention and care he showed to the internal affairs bodies, the strengthening of its material and technical base, the strengthening of the social protection of its personnel, the renewal of its infrastructure, and the great value and trust he gave to its activities, and assured that he will continue his duties in the field of protection of public order, internal security, rule of law in the republic.