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Iranian citizen and another person detained on suspicion of smuggling of 113 kg of drugs and psychotropic substances to Azerbaijan by crossing illegally Aras river


In the result of another successful operation performed by officers of the Main Drug Enforcement Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, large scale smuggling of potent drugs and psychotropic substances to the territory of the country was prevented.
Thus, based on the information obtained by the Main Department employees, a resident of Shamkir region previously convicted Enibar Ismayilov and a citizen of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ali Shahriyari were detained during the operation on the Bahramtapa-Bilasuvar highway in Imishli region.
The packages with 94 kg 673 g of the narcotic substance heroin, 646.401 g of opium, 950 g of hashish, 10 kg 100 g of dried cannabis, and 7 kg 153 g of psychotropic substance methamphetamine were discovered and seized from them during the search.
One pistol with the words “Sur-2608” on it, its holster, 10 cartridges, as well as 1 long-range device were discovered and seized from the Iranian citizen during the operation. A total of 113 kg 523 g of narcotic and psychotropic substances were removed from illegal trafficking during the operation. It should be noted that the price of the discovered narcotic and psychotropic substances in the black market is about 10 million manats.
Through the investigation it was determined that these persons smuggled a large consignment of drugs to Azerbaijan by crossing the Aras river at the instruction of an unidentified Iranian citizen.
Ali Shahriyari and Enibar Ismayilov were supposed to hide the drugs in the place mentioned by the Iranian citizen in Imishli district and return.
A criminal case has been opened on this fact under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code. Ali Shahriyari and Enibar Ismayilov were arrested. Necessary investigative measures and criminal intelligence activities in the criminal case are ongoing.