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On July 2, the Police of Azerbaijan celebrates its 99th anniversary. On this occasion, on the eve of a remarkable date, on June 30, the Board members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the chiefs of Head Offices, Departsments and Services, the responsible officers under the direction of the Minister of Interal Affairs, Colonel-General Ramil Usubov visited the grave of great leader Heydar Aliyev in the Honorary Avenue and laid fresh flowers on the monument complex. The memory of prominent ophthalmologist, academician Zarifa Aliyeva was also commemorated with respect.
 Then, the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs visited the Eternal Flame monument in the Martyrs Avenue, where the brave fighters who sacrified their lives and for the sake of territorial integrity and sovereignty of the republicslept.
A solemn ceremony dedicated to the professional holiday of the Azerbaijani Police and graduates of 2016/2017 academic year was held at the Police Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on July 1.

The Deputy Minister of Interior, Lieutenant General Ismet Aliyev reported to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Colonel-General Ramil Usubov about the readiness of the staff to attend the solemn ceremony at the event attended by Fuad Alasgarov the Assistant of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Law Enforcement and Military Affairs, Deputies of the Milli Mejlis, Deputies of the Minister, the chiefs of related services, the leaders of Local Executive, Law Enforcement Authorieis, the associates of the authorities of internal affairs being the winners of Olympiads and World Championships, representatives of the authorities of internal affairs, parents of the graduates, public and mass media representatives.

The Minister congratulated teachers and students on the solemn ceremony at the police academy on the occasion of the remarkable events - the Day of the Police and the launch of the academic year.
The ceremony participants commemorated the memory of the national leader Heydar Aliyev, the police officers who lost their lives for the sake of sovereignty and territorial integrity. The National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been sounded.

 The Minister, colonel general Ramil Usubov making a speech delivered the congratulations and the best wishes of the country President, the commander-in-chief, Mr. Ilham Aliyev to the participants of the event, he delivered to the attention that by the decree signed by the national leader Heydar Aliyev in 1998, the July 2 was announced as the Police day of Azerbaijan, our citizens welcomed this professional holiday of the authorities of internal affairs guarding the order, internal security and legal concerns of the citizens with high spirits and successes gained in the service. Mr. Ramil Usubov reminding that the way passed by the police was closely connected with the history of our statehood stated that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and its organizational structure – police authorities has played an important role in protection of the national interests of our first independent state with great patriotism in the period covering 1918-1920, after collapse of the Republic, Azerbaijan developed during 70 years within the Soviet Union, gained high results and rich experience in protection of public order, he especially specified 1970-1980 years when our republic has gained great success in economic, social and other fields under the supervision of the great leader as the most important stage in the history of the Ministry of Internal Afairs.

 It was noted that at that time, the national leader made important decisions regarding organizational and ideological strengthening of the internal affairs bodies, the purification of their lines, the promotion of professional staff with great predictability. It was the result of the formation of personnel in the national spirit that was the militia, which was the first to overthrow Armenia's military aggression against Azerbaijan in 1988, it became the Internal Troops in the following years. 1695 associates and servicemen were martyred in the battles and 1710 were wounded. 67 people are awarded the title "National Hero", 1143 were awarded the orders and medals for their courage and bravery.In the years following our independence, the activities of the authorities of internal affairs were intense. As such, 99 employees and servicemen were killed and 2640 were injured while performing their duties in the fight against crime, in protection of public order and public security.The Minister continuing his speech delivered to the attention that by election of His Excellency Mr. Ilham Aliyev as the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in October 2003, the development of our country has entered into a new stage, and stability has become a symbol of our independent state, which is progressing towards future with successe and growth. It was also noted that all necessary measures have been taken to modernize the authorities of internal affairs within the framework of the comprehensive reforms implemented by the President of the country. In the past 14 years, 445 decrees and orders have been signed with the aim of meeting the interests of the society in line with the international best practice. Measures taken on the basis of the State Program adopted in 2004 on the initiative of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan to improve the structure and normative legal base of the ministry, to improve the material and technical supply, the strengthening of the social security of the staff and the role of the police in the democratic society.
During these years, 405 social facilities have been built for the authorities of internal affairs and the Internal Troops as a result of the high attention and care of the country management, the salaries and rankings of the staff have been significantly increased, technical and special equipment has been upgraded to international standards, and the transport park has been fully upgraded.

It was noted with great pleasure that the modern Azerbaijan Police is a single centralized law enforcement body with a strong logistics base, a well-organized system for the protection of public order, the rule of law and the rule of law. Continuous development and modernization thanks to the exceptional attention and care of the respected President enables to safeguard the legally protected rights and interests of our citizens, and to take adequate measures to combat crime and its transnational organized types.
Afterwards, the Minister of Internal Affairs provided detailed information to the participants of the solemn ceremony on the successful outcome of the decisive struggle against crime and public order in the country, saying that the average annual perpetration of murders in the past five years was 83%, and 1,300 criminal groups were neutralized, about 12,000 wanted persons were detained. 3500 firearms illegally held were seized and the crimes committed by means of them were significantly reduced. 87% of the crimes registered in the result of reasonable preventive measures constitute the crimes not creating great public threat and the less grave crimes. One of the positive resultsgained is that in our republic, the number of common crimes (255), as well as some types of serious illnesses, theft, robbery, robberies and other unlawful actions, is significantly less than in comparison with most European states.

The Minister R.Usubov expressed his deep gratitude to the citizens, heads and representatives of the Presidential Administration, Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Milli Majlis, law enforcement, special services and other state bodies, mass media, public organizations for their assistance in carrying out their official duties, also wished best wishes to veterans who have done a great deal of work on the formation and experiencing of young employees.
During the years of independence, 1272 employees of the authorities of internal affairs and military servicemen were awarded state awards for their distinguishing and special services, and 35 employees were awarded with "For Motherland" and "For Courage" medals on the eve of this professional holiday, it was also mentioned that four senior officials were given special ranks.

Mr. Ramil Usubov expressing his profound gratitude to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces on behalf of all the staff that he always appreciated the activities of the authorities of internal affairs, assured that provision of stability and security, reliable protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms in the countryand other important tasks will be implemented in full, with quality and in timely manner, and sustainable development and improvement will be consistent in the future.

Colonel-General R.Usubov has expressed his satisfaction with the role of the Police Academy in the preparation of highly qualified personnel for the authorities of internal affairs, transformation of into into a rating educational institution of our country in accordance with international experience, its professor-teacher staff’s performing the important tasks such as training the police officers withdeep theoretical knowledge, high moral and psychological qualities, special physical preparation, strong will.

The minister reminding that young officers will continue to function as key executives in protection of internal security, statehood and security of the peoplein the future,stated that he belives that each of them will remain committed to service debt, continuously improve professionalism, commitment, persistence, and innovation in crime prevention initiatives, the rule of law, respect for human rights and freedoms, patriotism, moral purity and serious discipline would be the main principles of their activity and will continue to glorify the honor flag by continuing the famous traditions of the Azerbaijani Police.

The Minister once more cordially congratulated every student, their parents and relatives on the occasion of successful completion of the Academy and wished success to the management and professor and teacher staff of the educational institution.

The Chief of the Academy, Police Major General Nazim Aliyev made a detailed report on the path of this educational institution, the work done over the past few years in the direction of improvement of the educational process and bringing it to international standards, training highly qualified personnel for the authorities of internal affairs.

Police senior lieutenant Shamkhal Hasanov, who graduated the Academy with honors, thanked the management of the MIA, the professor-teacher staff for their care and attention, and the excellent education they obtained and stated that they would justify the high confidence with their activities.
At the end of the event, the Minister of Internal Affairs presented the police Academy graduates with honors - Shamkhal Hasanov, Zabil Qurbanov, Teyyub Garayev, Aghakarim Badirbeyli, Gafar Gafarov, Jeyhun Mammadov, the foreigner graduates Nikilay Kristev, Ivan Galatsan diplomas and the special rank of police senior lieutenant.
Nail Bayramli, who graduated the Academy with excellent marks, has placed the symbolic memorial board on the age tree.
The battle flag was then handed over to the fourth year students. The students performed the "Azerbaijan Police" anthem.
At the end, the personnel havemarched with steady steps in front of the tribune.

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