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Press Release by the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


 July 7 - The extended Board meeting devoted to the results of crime prevention, public order and public security maintenance in the first half of 2017 and current tasks was held in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Opening the meeting with the introductory speech, Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan Colonel General Ramil Usubov noted that in the first half of 2017 positive results achieved in previous periods in crime prevention in the republic were further developed, legal interests, rights and freedoms of citizens were effectively protected, and the criminal situation in the country was under control. The Minister also emphasized that the President highly appreciated the MIA personnel merits for Azerbaijan in maintenance of public order and security during events like the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games and Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, 55 officers were honored with state awards and special high ranks were given to 4 officials. The Minister expressed profound gratitude to the Head of State for such attention. It was also noted that 643 officers and 63 servicemen who distinguished themselves in their service were awarded by leaders of MIA.

 Further, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs General Lieutenant of Police Vilayat Eyvazovin his report noted that 13,182 crimes were registered in the reporting period through all government agencies which are the subjects of operational and investigative activities, 94.6% of these crimes were the offences investigated within the powers of the internal affairs bodies and prosecution agencies, 85.6% of them were the crimes not posing great threat to public safety and minor offences.
It was mentioned that in the result of intensified preventive efforts and continuous monitoring of the criminal situation, positive dynamics in crime further improved for the first 6 months of the year. In particular,
the number ofcrimes decreased by 7.1% including grave and especially grave crimes (-10%); intentional homicides and attempted intentional homicides (-27%); crimes committed against property (-10.3%) including thefts (-7.3%); roguishness (-12%); racket (-13.2%); plunder (-25%); robbery (-27.6%) as well as the number of traffic accidents (-6.3%) and the number of persons injured in traffic accidents (-14.2%).
In the result of professional operating and investigative measures aimed at restoration of violated rights of crime victims, the detection rateraised up to 85.7% (+1.3%) as compared with the 6-month period of 2016. Also the detection rate for crimes under unknown circumstances increased by 4.1%; for intentional homicides increased by 1%, for intended bodily harm increased by 8.4%; for crimes against property increased by 2.7% including the detection rate for thefts which increased by 4.7%, for robbery (+5.4%), for plunder (+8%). 288 crimes unsolved in previous years were solved jointly with prosecution agencies.

Having touched upon the importance of application of information technology in prevention of offences and crimes, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs noted that in the result of prompt response measures taken on the information received by “102” Call Center, 867 crimes were solved in hot pursuit, 3156 crimes were prevented, 2424 criminal cases were opened, as well as 177 crimes were solved and 8389 traffic accidents and 179 auto-pedestrian accidents were detected by means of the Safe City Service. It was noted that in the reporting period, 608 cameras were installed in another 151 points and the number of technical facilities in 3293 points reached 11,840 units.
At the same time, about 100,000 surveillance cameras installed in special property objects are successfully used in prevention and detection of crimes.

Exerting control over the work on provision of unavoidability of punishment for crime, 1607 accused persons who were fleeing from prosecution were arrested including 346 persons accused for grave and especially grave crimes.
The speaker noted that in the result of organized crime prevention measures and operations carried out in the past 6 months, 536 organized criminal groups including 138 bands,which committed grave and especially grave crimes, were neutralized, 70 persons were brought to trial for illegal keeping and wearing of fire arms.
At the same time, 603.3 kg of drugs were withdrawn from illegal circulation, 34 criminal groups were neutralized for these crimes, 1302 person were brought to trial, over 95 tons of illegally cultivated and wild plants of cannabis and poppy were detected and destroyed.

It was noted further that in the result of efforts made based on the relevant legislative enactments and National Action Plan in combating trafficking in persons, 105 crimes were detected that is 13% more than in the first half of 2016, 4 criminal groups of 8 persons were neutralized, and 15 persons were brought to trial in the criminal cases opened based on these facts and 53 victims of trafficking were reintegrated into the society.

The First Deputy Minister also mentioned that the number of closed criminal cases in the first 6 months of this year increased by 6%, the number of cases referred to court increased by 7.4%, and the scope of work of investigator increased by 13% compared with the same period of 2016. Compensation for material damage caused to the state, legal entities and individuals reached 73%.

Like in previous years, a positive trend was observed in maintenance of road-traffic safety including protection of human life and health as one of the key areas of activities. Also, 1,615,372 infringement notices were made by the internal affairs agencies for various administrative offences. Based on these protocols, 1,568,336 were fined, 1778 persons were arrested by court under administrative procedure, 28,755 persons were noticed.

It was noted in the report that measures for improvement of service and fighting training and mobilization in the Internal Troops, strengthening of military discipline, logistics and social protection of the personnel were carried out on a regular basis.
As regards reception of citizens and consideration of their applications, it was emphasized that all relevant duties and organizational and operational measures were carried out in the first half of 2017 according to the program set by the President of the country under the personal control of the Ministry’s leadership, 1013 citizens were received by the Ministry’s leadership including 187 citizens in towns and regions of the republic by announcing in mass media, and most of raised issues were solved. The First Deputy Ministry also noted that the number of complaints received by the Ministry in the reporting period decreased by 9%.
In conclusion of his speech, General Lieutenant of Police Vilayat Eyvazov emphasized that consistent steps are taken in agencies and units to strengthen supremacy of law, provide contentment of citizens and increase transparency in accordance with the National Action Plan and programs for protection of human rights and freedoms and anticorruption efforts as well as relevant orders and instructions of the Ministry’s leadership.

Launch of hotlines, web-sites, electronic services and other innovative initiatives which provide and facilitate acquisition of information is a graphic example of the work performed.

During the discussion of the delivered report, chiefs of city and regional police departments of the Ministry shared information about the work performed and the tasks of removal of disadvantages.
In summary, Colonel General Ramil Usubov appraised operational and service activities in the reporting period as satisfactory and appreciated high professionalism of the personnel and military servicemen in crime prevention and maintenance of public security. He also noted that MIA together with other law-enforcement agencies successfully continues to protect public order and peace in the country.

The Minister drew attention of the Board members to urgent issues, gave relevant instructions and recommendations and demanded taking prompt measures for removal of shortcomings, strengthening of investigative measures and preventive work in the relevant main and regional departments, as well as improvement of the influence and practical support effectiveness of management at the local level. At the same time, Mr. Usubov emphasized the importance of carrying out more targeted activities to control development of achieved positive results in crime prevention, to intensify measures in combating illegal drug trafficking and road traffic control, to increase effectiveness of preventive efforts, to improve the detection rate based on the principle of unavoidability of punishment for crime as well as to provide professional development of the personnel and citizen satisfaction orientation and to take necessary steps in other areas.

Minister Colonel-General Ramil Usubov expressed confidence that the personnel will never stop at accomplished goals and continue to discharge vigorously and selflessly its duties and important functions for public order and security maintenance at the highest level as determined by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, as well as for further strengthening of law and order in the country, and continue to fulfill in more responsible manner orders and instructions for improvement of investigative activities, protection of stability, peace, lawful interests of the state, legal entities and individuals against any offences and will close 2017 with strong performance.