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Press Release by the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


Minister of Internal Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran Abdulrza Rahmani Fazli arrived on an official visit to Azerbaijan at the invitation of Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan Colonel General Ramil Usubov.

 On October 3, Mr. Abdulrza Rahmani Fazli and his party has visited the Alley of Honor and laid a wreath at the tomb and paid tribute to the national Leader, the architect and creator of modern Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev. The delegation also laid flowers at the tomb of famous ophthalmologist Academician Zarifa khanim Aliyeva. At the Martyrs' Lane, guests from the friendly state laid a wreath at the Eternal Flame Complex in tribute to the memory of brave fighters who sacrificed themselves for the sake of independence and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.
Further, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the republic, Colonel General Ramil Usubov received the delegation headed by Minister of Internal Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran Abdulrza Rahmani Fazli.

The Minister welcomed warmly the guests and emphasized the historical, cultural and religious congeniality of our peoples, having mentioned development of fraternal relations between our countries established by Great Leader Heydar Aliyev after the restoration of independence of Azerbaijan. Mr. Usubov noted that mutual visits of the Heads of two states, negotiations and signed treaties have propelled relations between our countries to a totally new level and mentioned that the trilateral Iran-Azerbaijan-Russia Summit held at the highest level in Baku is another evidence of this development.
The Minister emphasized that such meetings create broad opportunities for joining efforts in fighting transnational organized crime and international terrorism, and cooperation in prevention of the severe types of transnational organized crime like illegal migration and drug trafficking has high cooperation. He also emphasized the importance of determination of new areas and noted that the agency headed by him is interested in extension of bilateral relations.

Further, the Minister provided detailed information about the current sociopolitical and crime situation in Azerbaijan. Ramil Usubov noted that this year our republic will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the restoration of independence on October 18 and mentioned the success our country could achieve in all spheres of public life and the difficulties Azerbaijan faced for this period especially the Armenian military aggression and its negative impacts. The Minister emphasized that Iran always shares up our country's standing for resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in line with the principles of international law and territorial integrity and sovereignty of our country and gives every support to Azerbaijan’s right cause in various international and regional organizations, and expressed gratitude for that.

During the conversation, the issues like further improvement of official activities, introduction of new technologies and purchase of state-of-the-art equipment as well as the efforts made for strengthening of democratic principles were discussed. The Minister also made a pointed reference to the dynamic development Azerbaijan has achieved over the last years, the stability factor created in our country in the result of implementation of global projects and repeatedly mentioned in speeches of the Great Leader and the President of Azerbaijan, and at the same equal stable and safe conditions created both for local residents and foreign citizens, and mentioned that all these factors play a critical role in capital raising and attraction of foreign investors to our economy. It was noted that the law enforcement agencies of our country maintain close cooperation and coordination in taking extensive measures against crime including organized crime.

Minister of Internal Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran Abdulrza Rahmani Fazli expressed gratitude for cordial reception and noted that such visits, meetings and execution of provisions of signed treaties fully conform to interests of our states which are similar in religious and culture and have similar historical roots and promote further development of relations in all spheres. Having endorsed his colleague’s opinion that the stability factor underlies any development, Mr. Abdulrza Rahmani Fazli noted that in contrast to Iran and Azerbaijan there is unstable situation dominating in the region. He also expressed his confidence that both bilateral and multilateral cooperation as well as information and experience exchange will have positive effect on the overall situation in the region.

The parties also discussed other matters of concern in the friendly and frank atmosphere of the meeting.