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Historic background of the MIA









Initially the Ministry of Internal Affairs was established by the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan upon proclaiming national independence on May 28, 1918. Within the period of 1918-1920 the Ministry with the national police forces as part of it had been on the foreground of nation state building in Azerbaijan by playing an important role in advocating national interests and protecting state sovereignty.

Since the fall of independent Republic of Azerbaijan on April 27, 1920, and all over the Soviet period the Ministry of Internal Affairs of that-time Soviet Socialist Republic of Azerbaijan had been subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR. As it was the case with all Soviet government agencies it had a clear class character. However even despite this in the same very period units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Azerbaijan succeeded in gaining a significant experience in the field of combating crime and protection of public order. With high competence and professionalism officers of the Ministry had been courageously guarding domestic tranquility, and significant institutional development had been accomplished by the agency.

During Second World War, around 800 employees of Azerbaijani police have been awarded with various awards and medals for courage and heroic struggle against fascism.

In period of Karabakh war, for struggle territorial integrity and independence of Azerbaijan, 932 persons of internal troops’ staff were perished and 681employees became invalids.

For the shown courage, safety of the population, for combating criminality and protection public order and security, 66 employees of police were given the rank of the National Hero of Azerbaijan, 86 employees have been decorated by "Azerbaijani Banner" order and 247 employees have been awarded with various medals and awards by the Presidential decrees and orders.

Pursuant to the Constitutional Act on the National Independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan adopted on October 18, 1991, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Internal Affairs was no longer subordinate to the relevant Ministry of former USSR. Since that time on it started been as the Ministry of Internal Affairs of sovereign Republic of Azerbaijan.

In 1992 the Republic of Azerbaijan acceded the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) with the National Central Bureau (NCB) of Interpol established within the Ministry of Internal Affairs on November 24, 1992.

With a view to providing units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with experts of university-level education, the Police Academy was established at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan on the basis of the N.Rzayev Special Police College pursuant to the Presidential Decree of May 23, 1992 and the Order by the Cabinet of Ministers of June 9, 1992.

The Regulatins and institutional structure of the Ministry of Internal Affiars wa approved by the Presidential decree June 30, 2001.

Following the Presidential decree June 30, 2004, the Department of Internal Security was established at the Ministry with a view to conducting corporate control over the MIA services, prevention of activities incompatible with the police service, exposure of corrupt officers and facts conductive to corruption.

IIn compliance of the National Action Plan for Combating Human Traffic in the Republic of Azerbaijan (enacted pursuant to the Presidential Decree of May 6, 2004) the Department on Human Traffic was established within the Main Organized Crime Department of the MIA.

Following persons  hold post of the Minister of Internal Affairs during the independence period of the Republic :

  • Khoyski Fatali Khan Iskandarkhan oglu (28.05.1918 - 17.06.1918)
  • Behbudkhan Javanshir (17.06.1918 – 26.12.1918)
  • Khasmammadov Khalil bey (26.12.1918 – 16.06.1919)
  • Usubbeyov Nasib bey Yusif oglu (16.06.1919 – 22.12.1919)
  • Hajinski Mammadhasan (22.12.1919 – 15.02.1920)
  • Vekilov Mustafa bey (15.02.1920 – 28.04.1920)
  • Sultanov Hamid Hasan oglu (28.04.1920 - 01.06.1921)
  • Bagirov Mirjafar Abbas oglu (05.10.1921 – 22.05.1927)
  • Rizayev Novruz Kerim oglu (22.05.1927 – 10.07.1929)
  • Yemelyanov Stepan Fyodorovich (01.08.1929 – 05.02.1941)
  • Yagubov Mirteymur Alekper oglu (06.03.1941 – 01.06.1943)
  • Atakishiyev Agaselim Ibrahim oglu (10.07.1943 – 06.06.1953)
  • Guskov Anatoliy Mikhaylovich (08.08.1953 – 25.03.1954)
  • Buliga Ivan Yefistofiyevich (30.04.1954 – 10.07.1956)
  • Kerimov Ali habib oglu (11.08.1956 – 05.02.1960)
  • Mammadov Khalil Mammad (03.11.1960 – 05.02.1965)
  • Alizade Mammad Ali oglu (05.01.1965 – 19.03.1970)
  • Heydarov Arif Nazar oglu (19.03.1970 – 20.07.1978)
  • Veliyev Jafar Jabrayil oglu (04.11.1978 – 06.04.1987)
  • Mammadov Aydin Israfil oglu (07.04.1987 – 09.05.1990)
  • Asadov Mohammad Nabi (23.05.1990 – 18.11.1991)
  • Kerimov Tofig Mirza oglu (18.11.1991 – 20.02.1992)
  • Aliyev Tahir Yunus oglu (24.02.1992 – 25.05.1992)
  • Hamidov Iskender Majid oglu (26.05.1992 – 16.04.1993)
  • Allahverdiyev Abdulla Museyib oglu (21.04.1993 – 29.03.1994)
  • Novruzov Vagif Yusif oglu (07.07.1993 – 29.04.1994)
  • Ussubov Ramil Idris oglu (29.04.1994)