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Crime Analysis for 2021

In 2021, purposeful activities were carried out in combating crime and maintenance of public order, public security was reliably protected and crime situation was kept under control. 
In the reporting year, 31,131 crimes were registered by all government authorities which carry out investigative and search activities. 37.6% (11,032) of them were crimes committed in the economic sphere, 40.8% (11,965) were crimes committed against public safety and public order, 18.3% (5,372) were crimes against personality and other offences.
84% (24,655) of these crimes were the crimes not posing serious public threat and minor offences. The crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants was 307 facts.
The number of crimes committed against personality decreased by 4.3% including attempted homicides (-13%), intended light bodily harm (-2.7%), thefts (-3.3%), home burglaries (-14%), robberies (-26%), car thefts (-0.7%), juvenile delinquency (-31%), firearm-related crimes (-21.4%).
In the result of the investigative and operational measures 88.9% (+3.4%) of 29,327 crimes registered in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the prosecutor's office were solved.
83% of grave and especially grave crimes, 83.4% of crimes committed in unknown circumstances, 98% of crimes against personality, including intended severe bodily harm (98.2%), 80% of crimes against property, including thefts (72.3%), fraud (92.7%), plunders (90%), robberies (92%), blackmailing offenses (93.8%), car thefts (92%), as well as 96.7% of hooliganism crimes were solved.
332 crimes that remained unsolved since previous years were solved and 2,620 crimes were solved in hot pursuit as well as 9.802 wrongful acts were prevented.
The results in search of accused persons improved by 2.3% and was 82.0%; 57 persons placed on the internationally wanted list through the National Central Bureau of INTERPOL and 46 persons wanted by the INTERPOL member countries were located.
A total of 16,647 perpetrators were arrested and brought to trial for various crimes including 188 persons who were illegally holding and carrying firearms, and 268 criminal groups who committed grave and especially grave crimes were neutralized.
A total of 3 tons and 45 kg of narcotic substances were withdrawn from circulation that is 1.1 ton more than in 2020. Narcotic plants of a total weight 175 tons were destroyed; smuggling of 866 kg of narcotic substances to the country was prevented.

The capital – Baku city

The metropolitan police achieved certain positive results in the field of combating crime and protection of rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens in 2021.
12,761 crimes or 43,5% of 29,327 crimes registered by the Internal Affairs bodies and prosecutor's office in the republic fall to the capital of Baku. The detection rate was 86.2% (+5.4%). 
81.5% of these crimes were the crimes not posing serious public threat and minor offences, 18.5% were grave and especially grave crimes.
A decline by 21.7% in willful homicides, by 7% in intentional severe bodily harm crimes, 13.6% in thefts, including home burglaries (-24.8%), plunders (-38.3%), blackmailing (-4.3%), and car thefts (-8.3%) was registered as compared to 2020.
80.6% of crimes committed under unknown circumstances, 97.3% of crimes against personality, including 98.3% of willful homicides, and 98.6% of crimes related to intended severe bodily harm were solved.
In the result of the investigative and operational measures carried out jointly with the prosecutor's office, 180 unsolved crimes, including 38 grave and especially grave crimes, were solved; 250 accused persons were arrested for these wrongful acts.
The number of crimes committed against foreigners decreased by 6.8%, at the same time the detection rate for these crimes was high – 82%.

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