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Structure of the MIA

A structural unit vested with the Main Department authority that carries out activities on the reception and review of applications of citizens in the internal affairs bodies, operational discipline monitoring, paperwork and electronic document management, protection of national security information, and work with encoded documents.

A structural unit that carries out activities on comprehensive analysis of the operating environment and crime situation in the republic and its regions, planning of activities based on this analysis, preparation of operational and long-term forecasts, surveys, control and targeted inspections, control over the implementation of organizational and personnel related tasks, interdepartmental coordination, statutory and regulatory enactments, and provision of standard setting efforts.

A structural unit responsible for the coordination of forces and resources of the internal affairs bodies in the field of public order enforcement, public security maintenance and crime prevention and detection, management of duty rooms and improvement of their work, continuous collection and integration of data on the crime situation in the republic.

A structural unit that organizes and carries out the functions on combating, prevention and detection of criminal offences, investigation, search for fugitives and missing persons as well as search for stolen property, identification of unknown dead bodies, conduct of operations and search activities in cases specified in the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

A structural unit that carries out and organizes interrogation and preliminary investigation in cases attributed to the MIA’s competence, drafting organizational and methodological means, timely institution of criminal proceedings on a criminal offence, comprehensive, complete and unbiased investigation of crime causes, conditions and circumstances, quick and effective crime detection as well as identification and prosecution of all persons involved in the crime.

A structural unit that carries out the functions set forth by the relevant statutory and regulatory enactments in the field of prevention and detection of crimes perpetrated by a group of persons, organized groups or criminal gangs, exposure and neutralization of criminal groups and gangs, combating gangsterism, kidnapping and blackmailing offenses, religious extremism, cybercrime, counterfeit money, documents and products circulation, transnational and other types of organized crime.

A structural unit in charge of administration, law enforcement intelligence operations and interrogation in the field of combating illegal traffic in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, as well as organization and coordination of activities of the relevant units of regional institutions, territorial and transport police departments based on the analysis of the drug-related crime situation.

A structural unit in charge of intra-departmental control over activities of the MIA units including study and supervision over internal security issues at the MIA bodies and units, prevention of engaging in activities incompatible with the service and other negative facts, identification of officials who create conditions for corruption and tolerate corruption offences and providing appropriate measures against such employees.

A structural unit in charge of the functions within the competence of the MIA provided for in Article 10 of the Law on Operational and Investigative Activities.

A structural unit in charge of the functions defined by the relevant statutory and regulatory enactments in the field of prevention and detection of crimes related to human trafficking, operational and investigative activities and criminal prosecution, identification of victims of human trafficking, protection of their rights and social rehabilitation.

A structural unit that provides dactylographic and genome registration where provided for by law, carries out activities in the field of forensics in the MIA, and organizes the application of forensic methods and means in investigative actions and criminal intelligence activities.

A structural unit in charge of determining the key areas of MIA's activities for public order protection and maintenance of public security, taking preventive measures in the field of crime prevention and detection, arranging the guard and convoy of arrested persons, security measures for diplomatic missions, security of the export oil and gas pipelines, crime prevention among juveniles, as well as carrying out activities on the authorization system.

A structural unit in charge of maintaining unified record of crimes registered in the republic as well as of suspects, accused, convicted, missing persons, and persons avoiding civil obligations; stolen, plundered, lost and detected firearms (ammunition), vehicles on the wanted list, numbered documents and items, scientific-technical, literary and artistic, cultural and historical valuables.

A structural unit in charge of arranging and direct control of the Internal Troops’ activities to protect individual, public and state interests, constitutional civil rights and freedoms against criminal attempts, guard important state objects and communication facilities, protect public order, provide public security during mass events, prevent riots, as well as fulfill other duties defined by the legislation.

A structural unit in charge of combating against criminal offences and other violations at the railroad, air and water transportation facilities, as well as environmental crimes in the basin of the Caspian Sea, national network of rivers, lakes and other aquatic resources, protecting public order and security and implementing criminal intelligence activities specified in the legislation.

A structural unit in charge of making arrangements for traffic security maintenance, control on abidance by traffic regulations and traffic security, administrative proceedings for violations of traffic regulations and road accidents, technical inspection and registration of  motor vehicles and trailers, issuing certificates of state registration and license plates, administering tests on driving skills and technical regulations and issuing driving licenses, as well as keeping unified records on traffic situation and security data.

A structural unit in charge of organization of owner’s property guarding by contract.

A structural unit that makes arrangements for issuing ID cards and national passports to Azerbaijani nationals, registration at place of residence or stay, keeping centralized records on these issues, and prevention of illegal migration

A structural unit in charge of planning activities for civil defense issues in the MIA’s main departments, departments and divisions during emergencies as well as ensuring the implementation of these plans.

A structural unit in charge of exchanging information in the field of crime prevention between the national law-enforcement agencies and their counterparts in the member states of Interpol.

A structural unit that carries out qualified personnel formation including selection, recruitment, registration, appointment, conferring special ranks, professional training, service, and dismissing from the service of employees as well as exercises the functions of organizational supervision and control of activities in this area.

A structural unit that carries out monitoring of lawfulness and observance of human and civil rights and freedoms by law enforcement officers in the course of execution of their duties, as well as the internal investigation of applications, complaints and reports regarding illegal acts of the MIA officers.

A structural unit that makes arrangements for moral and psychological training of the personnel, strengthening service discipline in the MIA bodies and departments, social-legal protection of officers, preparation and analysis of statistical data on disciplinary practice, as well as for the organization of activities related to the state gender policy in the internal affairs bodies.

A structural unit in charge of creating and developing the mutual relations with the law enforcement agencies of foreign states and relevant international organizations, coordinating activities to fulfil the obligations undertaken pursuant to the international Conventions that the Republic of Azerbaijan is a party to, study of the international practices in the field of combating crimes.

A structural unit that provides the organization, operation and security of information and communication technologies, nets and radio-communication systems in the MIA.

A structural unit that makes arrangements for press coverage of activities and results achieved in combating crime and public order and security maintenance, and establishes mass media and public relations.

A structural unit that makes arrangement for financing of the MIA bodies, departments and organizations, forecasting budget and extra-budgetary indices, determination of wages and payments, accounting, methodical organization and reporting of accounting, control and inspection activities and pension provision.

A structural unit that provides internal affairs bodies with special equipment and means, weapons, ammunition and other logistical resources.

A structural unit in charge of providing medical services to MIA officers, their family members, civil employees, and retired officers in order to protect their health.

A structural unit in charge of providing pass & permit regime in official buildings as well as their guarding and utility services.

A structural unit that carries out appropriate measures to enhance physical fitness of MIA officers and military servicemen of the Internal Troops and to promote mass sports.