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Police Academy

As a school training policemen the Police Academy has been established in 1921 by the people's internal Affairs commissariat of the Azerbaijan Republic. This institution has been functioning till 1936 in Baku. It moved to Merdekan in 1936.

It became Baku private secondary Police School of USSR MIA in 1957. The graduates were granted with high-educated lawyers diplomas. Education was two years here.

In 1957-1961 the school trained personnel for Georgia, Dagestan, Kabarda- Balkaria, Altay, Irkutsk, Krasnodar, Kuybishev, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Saratov & tens of other cities.

In 70-80s as a result of the kind care of Haydar Aliyev, Police Academy achieved a lot of success. This institution developed, material base increased personnel staff got development & their appeared condition to raise until Academy level. According to the decree number 782 of the President of Azerbaijan Republic May 23, 1992, & of the Cabinet of Minister's decree number 321 dated 9 June 1992, inside of Baku special Police School, there was established Police Academy. And in a short while Academy got first-grade category.

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