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Regulations of Non-Combat Firearms Purchase

Each citizen of Azerbaijan Republic over 18 age has a right to get civil arm.

Citizen willing to purchase civil arm may apply to Police Body of district where he lives or to Head Office for Public Security of Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The special license is given for purchasing an arm. Following documents should be submitted to get special license:

Application (form taken from police body is filled)

Identity Card confirming the citizenship of Azerbaijan Republic;

Medical Reference about health condition;

Two photos in 3x4 size

Such inspection of persons who are specially checked by state bodies, is not carried out.

For issuing special license for the purchase of civil arm, the membership of the citizen to the hunters society is not required.

The foreigners should present identity card and sollicitation letter from the embassy (representation) of the state that, they are citizens. In this case the medical reference is not presented and their previous convictions are not checked.

The foreigners should carry away the civil arm from Azerbaijan Republic within 5 days  after  they got special license. If the term of the transportation of the civil arm is delayed, this arm will be confiscated.

The period of validity of the special license issued for purchasing civil arm is 6 months. The following data should be stated on the special license.

The name, surname, patronymic of the person purchasing civil arm, type of arm, quantity, the date of issuance of special license and validity period.

Correspondant notes about the mark, calibre, number of arm are provided on the backside of the special license issued by trade organization for the purchase of civil arm, it is given to the citizen only after it is signed and certified by seal.

The citizen should register the fire-arm or sport arm purchased through special license within two weeks. The certificate confirming the maintenance and right of use of the fire-arm or sport arm on its destination is issued to the holder of the registered arm.

When issuing the certificate confirming the maintenance and right of use of the fire-arm or sport arm on its destination, the receipt about the deduction of state duty in the sum of decimal fraction of standard unit is required.

The period of validity of the certificate confirming citizen’s right of the maintenance and use of the sport arm on its destination is 3 years.

Application of citizen, special license issued for  holding arm, taking and appointment, receipt approving payment of stated duty in 5 fractional amount of financial unit for arm and repeat registration is submitted for prolonging it till being 3 months to termination of validity period. The application is considered for 1 month from its issued. Special license is prolonged for 3 years period.

Issuing special license to using for getting, holding, taking and appointment of self-defense gas arm (pistols, revolvers)-is carried out within rule of giving license for getting, holding, taking and appointment of arm.

While Azerbaijan Republic citizens submitted documents about awarding with arm, certificate is issued by Head Office for Public Security (HOPS) for to use for holding, taking and appointment of the same arm.

Certificate for holding such arm is issued to the citizens without dedicating state duty, showing validity period and with writing “awarded” word.

Arms banned its turnover in Azerbaijan Republic can’t be given as awarding arm.

If awarding arm be in military appointment or its bearer is died, it shall be given to police department immediately by his/her relatives without payment. Rifled and without rifled hunt arms are given to police department within 10 days by relatives of died person, changing of registration of arm or selling with agreement of his/her relatives is considered.

Changing of registration of civil arm from one person name to other is permitted. In such case applications are submitted by participation of arm issuing and taking   persons. Registration of arm is changed and corresponding changing is account book and personal files of arm bearers. While it was cleared that arm is in unfit condition (being its repair impossible), its registration can’t be changed. Such arms are issued to police department without payment and taking out of registration.

Citizen can put inheritance civil arm being in his/her property with legal bases to person having license with warning before by testament.

In the case of inheritance, if heir/heiress hasn’t license for getting civil arm being heritage, he/she will get license during 3 month. If heir/heiress doesn’t want to get license for getting arm being inheritance for him/her or such license isn’t issued to her/him, he/she will present the same arm to other, or turnover to police department or sell.

When citizens being bearer of arm changed living places, they shall inform to police department about this being in registration, notice their new address, appeal to local police department in new living place within 10 days and make taking registration of weapon.

Person having license for getting of weapon, and certificate approving right of holding of hunt or sport arm and using for appointment can get hunt arm without getting license.

License issued for holding and taking of arm is considered base for taking hunt side-arms.

Certificate approving right of citizen holding of hunt or sport arm and using for appointment gives the right for getting ammunition for getting, holding and using for its appointment of the same weapon.

License for getting of tire arm or aerosol installing isn’t required. Trade enterprises sell tire and self-defense arm(including aerosol installing) to citizens over 18 age based on their identity card and they take corresponding notice about this.

Citizen having hunt arm without rifled in using more than five years and not breaching rules concerning with turnover of arm, partner of arm groups having license to holding and taking of arm have right to get, hold and to use for its appointment of rifled barrel weapon.

Issuing of license for getting civil arm to person  is rejected in the following cases:

Exception collection things in his/her property, while being arm or sport arm more than seven;

While being medical opposite prescription of corresponding health body concerning with alcoholism, narcotism, losing seeing ability with mental disease;

Not arrested for making criminal with using for arm and ammunition or explosive substances for severe criminal;

While applied administrative punish measures for breaching of hunt and fishing rules, getting, holding and applying rules of arm or battle ammunition, social rules and determined management rules, other danger occurred with using from arm or ammunition (within 1 year period from applying of the same administrative punish);

Being in prophylactic and operation registration in police department;

While inability or limited activity ability is approved by validity decision of court;

Security using rule with arm is determined that its unknown;

While living place isn’t determined.