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Identity Documents

Identity Card

The law of the Azerbaijan Republic on the Identity Card was adopted in June 14, 1994.
By this law, the identity card is the document confirming the personality of citizens in Azerbaijan Republic.

There are 2 types of Identity Card:

1) The Identity Card given to the citizen under 16.
2) The Identity Card given to the citizen in 16.

 The polis office gives the Identity Card less than 10 days after presenting of application, certificate of birth, the photo of citizen in 16 and the receipt on the payment of state tax (1,1 manat) 1 by the citizen or his/her legal representative.

The printing and preparation of Identity Card are implemented by 75 (seventy five) regional centers working in the police offices. The citizen under 16 does not pay state tax upon getting an Identity Card. The citizen in 16 years pays the state tax of 1 part of minimal salary (1,1 manat) upon getting an Identity Card for the first time.

The citizen pays half of the minimal salary to change an Identity Card in 25, 35, 50 years as well as if name, surname, patronymic, family affairs, military position changed. 

If identity card is lost or damaged of the fault of citizen state duty in the sum of two times of his wages is got.

The documents required for getting the identity card:

  • Application-Form
  • Passport or Form No.9
  • Certificate of Birth (ceroscopy)
  • Certificate of Marriage (ceroscopy)
  • Military Card (ceroscopy)
  • Order or Certificate of Registration of Flat
  • Medical Reference (blood group, height, eye color)
  • Three 3x4 colored photos
  • Receipt about payment of state duty
  • Agreement application of flat owner

 Passport of Citizen

Azerbaijan Republic Law on “to depart, to arrive and passports” has been accepted in June14, 1994.

The identity card of the citizen of Azerbaijan Republic is the only document to certify the personality of the citizen of Azerbaijan Republic abroad and also to implement the right to depart and arrive to the country.

The passport is given to the citizen of the Azerbaijan Republic who is 18 year old, to get education, to participate in international competitions, get treatment go abroad to live permanently, and is also valid to go to all countries.

The passport of the citizen is issued by the bodies of internal affairs on the basis of application, identity card, photo and receipt about the payment of state duty not more than a month after application.

Issuing of the passport of the citizen is implemented in 6 regional centers performing in the republic (each covers 10-15 city-regions).

Fifteen and twenty five times of general salary of penalty is deemed for losing or damaging the passport of the citizen.