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The Information by the Press Services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the General Prosecutor’s Office


On June 11, 2015, at about 08:30, in the transport depot of the “Village of Athletes” of the 1st European Games, the bus belonging to the "Bakubus" Limited Liability Company by going out from the traffic lane and made bodily damage to the members of the combined team for synchronized swimming of Australia walking down on the pedestrian path Vanessa Sahinovich and Luna Pajer.  

The above mentioned sportswomen were placed in the hospital immediately and they were provided all necessary medical assistance, then they were sent to Vienna city by the Azerbaijan government for continuing their treatment there.

The criminal case was commenced with the article 263.1.1 of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan Republic on the fact (violation of the exploitation regulations of traffic and transport facilities by making severe damage to the health of the injured person through carelessness).

The driver of the bus who committed the traffic accident Vali Ahmadov was arrested as the suspected person and accusation was announced to him and the court has selected the pre-trial detention measure for him.

Within the framework of the procedural investigations, also the legal responsibility of the related officers of the “BakuBus” Limited Liability Company not performing the duties fell on them in employment of the highly qualified drivers is reviewed.

The investigation actions are continued on the case.