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Interview of Azerbaijan Republic Internal Affairs minister, general-colonel Ramil Usubov to «Lider» television


Correspondent: Mister Minister, I want to begin our conversation by results of last year. What are results? What is the situation of number of committed criminal facts, Indicators of their reveal in comparison with last year?

- As you know, during last 10 years of independence social- political stability, criminal situation wasn’t the same in Azerbaijan.  In first years in country chaos, criminal situation was out of control. It also known that after the coming to power of all-nation leader mister of Heydar Aliyev because of insistent request of our  people in June, 1993 main activity was aimed at stop of war and restoration of social-political situation in the country. Also to provide tasks of our citizens’ safety and control of criminal situation.  As a result of executed global measures approximately during 1,5-2 years in Azerbaijan social-political stability was restored. Criminal situation was taken under control.

In next years, beginning from 1996 in dynamics of crime annual positive   alters took place and in 1997-1998 by number of crimes per hundred thousand Azerbaijani people Azerbaijan achieved the best indicators on CIS area. This tradition continued in 2003 and reveal of committed crimes was provided on the high level. If compare with 2002 for example, facts of murders, pillages, robberies decreased at 10-15 %. Also crimes committed by young  and by means of arm. In 2004 we face the task to combat more successfully against crime, to provide rights of citizen, determined by law, to use all efforts and ability to restore breached during crimes citizens’ rights. It is also demanded form us by President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev and we try to organize activity of internal affairs organs in accordance with laws of the country,   requests and recommendations of head of state. With one word, combat against crime is successfully going on in Azerbaijan and in 3004 for protection of public order police mobilizing all opportunities will provide execution of put before them on high level.      

- Azerbaijan differed from other states that in this country public order, stability was kept. What is the situation at the present moment?

- Mister President being not a long time ago with official visit to Russia in interview declared that stability in the country is the main condition, one of the main factors of development of economy, culture, and other spheres. Only for  provide of stability , public order law enforcement organs put all their efforts in frames of their competence and are in mood to continue them in future. I using the case want to assure our citizens that their rights provided by law will be provide on high level also in future. We do our best for it. These task are given to us by law, and the everyday requirements of Mister President  and everyday problems increase our responsibility more. Realizing its responsibility in front of the Azerbaijani people and  our country personnel of internal affairs organs and Internal troops will do their best for eternity of public order along with other law enforcement organs.

- Mister Minister existence of public order, stability in the country is the fact, but along with it citizen are disturbed by 21 question: existence of organized criminal groups and kidnap of people by them. In relation with it in press of the articles Are published. In total what could You as a minister tell about this problem? Are there organized criminal groups and on what level are cases of people kidnap?

- I want to inform that cases of group commitment of  crimes exist today too. But all is estimated in comparison. It means if we look at situation of five years ago or even 10 years before, we’ll see that with assistance of operation-search measures time by time organized bands are disarmed and principle “if there is a crime, there is a punishment” is fully exercised in Azerbaijan. Doubtless it gives results.

Determination on primary period of organized group and its prevent are one of the main duties of police organs. We don’t wait the crime to occur, to take measures for reveal of band after it. Yes, sometimes we can’t achieve it, and crime is committed. But on this step, after commitment of crime our main task is mutual activity with competent law enforcement organs on reveal of committed crimes, determination of offender and his attraction to court. I would say on this direction our work is going successfully. Only I’ll note the fact in last 7 years reveal of crimes is more than 90 %. It shows that under leadership of state president law enforcement organs of Azerbaijan directly and successfully realize the principle of inevitability of punishment, any person committed crime has to respond    in court.

- You touched the problems of committed crimes reveal, but in mass media  at the same time some peoples’ names are declined. Crimes against which are nor revealed, or the crime isn’t investigated preciously. How right is to estimate, express opinion to exercised cases in total because of some persons?

- You know, newspapers overestimating these issues are using not reveal of crimes for political purposes, they realize political trade. All this is a unsuccessful effort to tarnish operative power in front of Azerbaijani people and all international  community. Because I’ll mention again if to look through the statistics then per cents of crimes’ reveal is more than 90, what means a great achievement. A man having a little knowledge about police, prosecutor, safety organs work realizes what great efforts are needed to reveal 90 % of crimes. It is not an ordinary fact.

Using not reveal of murders of separate well-known persons as a means of pressure against us, the accusation in non effective combat of operative power against crime are proposed. For example, they seemed to worry more because of Rovshan Aliyev murder than we. But really, I knew Rovshan Aliyev not yet being a minister and  I had a deep respect towards him. Both general prosecutor office and police organs do their utmost to reveal this crime. But those who write “Why the crime of Rovshan Aliyev isn’t revealed” are not so interested in it and even are happy that it’s not   revealed. But their joy will leave in their hearts, and this crime will reveal. Early or late.

We never put difference between anti-law actions. Including actions connected with murder, it doesn’t matter who and what was he. Even those who write lie against us will be victims of crime or something will happen to them we consider our duty to defend their rights as of a citizen of Azerbaijan Republic, to detect people committed crime and their attraction to court.  This is our approach. I repeat that we don’t put difference, whether that man is a professor or an ordinary worker.  They are all human. Protection of human life, rights and freedom duty of all state organs, fighting with crime.

- We touched the positive works executed by police employees. I’d like to talk about the disadvantages. Recently many cases of police participation in certain crime actions are published. At Board you mentioned that 212 men are attracted to responsibility. What can you say about it?

- our all-nation Leader Heydar Aliyev recommended us to approach critically to work, see own fault and not to be ashamed to confess them. No opposition party showed us who or where they were. By own imitative we revealed those employees  for their criminal actions. It will go on so. Our criteria is that not depending the position of person in society, if he committed a crime he should be taken to the court. It’s a pity that separate opponents of ours- opposition- tries to use this for its dirty aims. But it will never achieve them. Because our citizens see that, social-political stability, law order serves the national interests of people, the development of the country. In combat with crime Azerbaijani people are with us, closely helps us and supports. For what I express my deep appreciation.
What concerns attraction of separate police employees to responsibility,  yes, and even in future it doesn’t matter if he is a policeman, or other employee of law enforcement organs executes an illegal actions in duty activity, he will for sure takje responsibility. We always said that and openly say it today.  This is realized also by personnel of our police organs. If we  don’t reveal persons not respecting law, if we don’t execute inner clean, we’ll lose trust of people in us. We understand it very well. This policy conducted during 10 years will go on as successfully as it is now. We conduct our activity according with it.

- Is the check of police employees executed at acceptance of them to work, is their psychological and physiological state learnt?

- Person serving in police should be brave, healthy in psychological and physiological meaning, be able to choose the right variant when faces extremes situation. Without doubt, these terms are considered when accept at work. But sometimes happens that the conditions are not taken into account fully. For example, the person is morally strong and pure, but he’s weak from      physiological point of view.  At detection of separate cases we certainly punish the head or the commander in disciplinary order, and take necessary measures   for not repeating of such cases.

Persons accepted for duty of ordinary or senior head personnel is not allowed to independent work in 4 years. In MIF there is a school for ordinary or senior head personnel. After acceptance of employee he should pass there 4-month course. At school physiological readiness and primary legal education are improved. Only that person who successfully graduated the courses will be allowed to independent work. This gives positive results and it should be mentioned that annually it decreases decrease the law breach among police employees.

- Mister minister one aspect is remembered. In press it was published that some policemen    sell their service gun. Are there really such cases?

- You know it can’t be told about all policemen. During 10 last years there were two such facts. They were revealed and people deserved the punishment. If the gun is lost or robbed by fault of employee he can be punished by administrative punishment up to dismission of that person form internal organs. Also whish policemen will put himself in such position? Besides, he shall pay the three double sum in place of lost gun. It means that for policemen  it’s not suitable neither from material neither from legal side to sell or give anybody his gun. Such applicationa are provocative, and are aimed at breaking the reputation of police. I will mention again that opinion of separate leading police employees are distorted in papers. Sometimes it happens not said by me word or opinion are written in paper. For example, as Ramil Usubov said that journalists even if commit a crime are free of responsibility.

- Even if committed a crime……………….

- Minister of internal affairs will never sat that, because my opinion are supported by law. I always told that if it’s a journalist or a policeman or the representative of other sphere if he committed a crime, he shall be responsible. All citizens are equal in front of law.

It means I want to say that  sometimes opinions we don t say in press or don’t want to say are published in opposition press and all this is aimed at provocation, slander. But they wrote so much lie that people, to say true, don’t believe them.

- Mister minister, some time ago some cadre alters occurred among the employees of law enforcement organs. In total, cadre issue is a tough question for citizen. Will this process go on? Can people not justificated the hope be changed by new ones?

- In success of our activity cadre alter is of great importance. We always take for principle that employees aiming for higher positions shall have high professionalism, respect to law, high culture and management practice.

It is 10 years I’m a minister of internal affairs. Let’s imagine we appoint head of police to some region. He works there 5 years, 3 years. No doubt for improve of positive results in combat against crime in separate regions duty of Ministry Board is to appoint the man who works hard for the duty which is higher but more difficult.  We always are headed by this principle and conduct our  activity in this direction. Some cadre alters during last years are connected only with these purposes and in future with analogical aims. But if you attentively read the papers, you’ll see they don’t worry about total use of activity, successful combat against crime. In the opposite,  purpose of this writing is creation of disagreement between area heads and Ministry of Internal Affairs and usage of it for the purposes of weakness of themselves.

I want to inform that they shall not be bothered, but the main that they have to respect Azerbaijani people, refuse from primitive methods. What is behind of these articles is seen for sure. Bur cadre alters executed in MIA and Internal Troops in opposite to their writings serve these aims.   What to do for better serve the Azerbaijani people, provide of stability in Azerbaijan, successfully continue combat against crime and also successfully execute the requirements put by president of the country. This is our aim and we’ll achieve that. Who worries, then he doesn’t want follow interests of Azerbaijani people.

- Mister Minister, during meeting of President with businessmen some disagreement in relation with state traffic police. Is this problem investigated and what is result?

- During last years large scaled work are executed  and continue on  liquidation of factors preventing  advance of businessman and businessman activity. Issues concerning MIA are always in centre and much work is done on prevent of such cases and disagreement last 3-4 years. You know that the process of liquidation of non-effective structures. In the name of justice such barriers decreased.  And it will be lie to say that there are not persons creatinf disagreement between policemen and businessmen. Yes such cases exist but ministry, board, city districts heads try to decrease number of such cases and to liquidate them at all. After mentioned critics the meeting with participation of deputy of minister, head of General State Traffic Police Department was held.  I gave the appropriate directions. Now and in future works are going on and additional measures on prevent of analogical situation are taken.

My only request to businessmen is them to be objective in such cases. They’d better not to appeal the higher distances not to take injustice positions if somebody didn’t like the other, or someone acted illegally and activity was closed. Every work should serve the development of economic. This entails increase of wages of state employees, in what we are interested. The necessary conditions for businessmen are created  by state, by President. But their activity should be aimed at increase of profit into the state budget, enrichment of separate persons, but not on the account of the state.

In future time I’ll accept the businessmen. I’d like to listen to their sincere opinions. May be, certain issues were not said to the president, others could be ashamed. But I’d like them to say our disadvantages openly. This is the policy of our state head,   and my duty as a debt of minister execution of duties given me in process of President policy execution.

- Mister Minister, in soviet period the attitude to milise was not pleasant. This continues now, too. In whole, are yopu satisfied as a minister by today’s relation of policeman-citizen?
- I   don’t want to compare soviet milice and independent today’s Azerbaijani police and attitude to it. The inquires gives base of alter of attitude to police

In positive meaning. Azerbaijan citizens now more realize the necessity the importance role of internal affairs organs in combat with crime, keeping of stateness, creation of stability in country and know well that its an important structure. But without doubt presence of separate negative cases in police organs, among policemen, injustice attitude to our citizens are negative factors influencing on police authority. In 60s during N. Khurushov it was said that this organ is not needed, because by advance of society crime will disappear, in communist society the crime will not be committed at all. But as you see, the situation was opposite. It is impossible to liquidate crime, but it is possible to combat successfully against crime and control crime situation. It is already done by operative power with head of Republic and we shall take additional measures on keeping of existing situation and its improvement. 

The saying of all-nation leader Heydar Aliyev made at occasion of Police day on 2nd of June, 2002 – “Nation should love police”- this opinion, recommendation shall be the base of our activity. We should serve, show ourselves, take care of our citizens so that they trust us, could rely on us in difficult situations. I tell it to all my colleagues, we tell it at Board too, and to personnel at service preparation lectures. At the same time the situation in this direction gets better day by day. Our future activity will be directed for improve of relation policemen- citizen, strengthening of police authority in society, people may rely on police, and police on people.

- Mister Minister, I’d like no continue conversation on events of 15-16 October. Were there policemen   who acted criminally during those disturbances? Many articles are published on this theme. In whole are any law enforcement employees who acted illegally revealed?

- What happened  on 15-16th of October? Especially 16th of October was the culmination of these events. The people executed the disturbances tried to execute coup d’etat by the way of mass actions, prepared by radical opposition, by the way of illegal acts, which were together with mass disturbances,  appliance of rape. This was in their plans, and our citizens remember well that they tried to justify it in pre-election articles, speeches. They said falsification absolutely will be, and we will prevent them .  They create legal base for themselves. Wanted too make people to believe in it. That is they beforehand creating some kind of legal base for themselves, wanted to inspire psychologies, consciousness of the citizens presented in Azerbaijan, that there will be an obligatory falsification, and we for its prevention shall proceed in approach, which will have lawful character. Not hiding the claims, they  came with the same script and evening of October 15 and  have made attempt to carry out it. It was prevented. On  16th of October  the leaders of radical opposition and their foreign supporters have ordered to proceed(pass) already in approach. They thought, that this crime will be finished successfully and their dreams will be carried out. But their accounts did not lean(base) on logic of a reality. They have not studied, did not know real opinion of the Azerbaijan society, Azerbaijan people. They deceived not only themselves, but also party colleagues  and assured, that if they will rise, will proceed in approach, the ruling authority will be frightened, will not render resistance and thus, they will come to authority. But everything was on the contrary. The Azerbaijan people resolutely have not supported this crime. The majority of the population living in Baku, unequivocally was condemned by these actions, have rejected them. They with the help of 3-4 thousand the man wanted to carry out state revolution, to result in authority not elected, so-called "president". But it meant to go against opinion of the people, against them. The people too unequivocally have expressed the opinion to this. By the majority of votes of our citizens have expressed for the person devoted to school Гейдара Алиева, rate Гейдара Алиева, highly superior other candidates by the personal qualities, skill to supervise in any sphere. It is our today's president mister Ilham Aliyev.

Simultaneously, knowing opinion of the people, seeing its support and carrying out duty, assigned on them by the law  the Azerbaijan Police, the Internal Troops safely have prevented these mass disorders, attempt of coup d’etat.. Today in оппозиционных the newspapers Police, Internal Troops is groundless accuse that as if they have crossed the law, have shown extreme cruelty, have lifted a hand on the people, have applied chemical - poisonous substances.

Give quietly and patiently we shall estimate it. First, as they said, they as though wanted to lead the action of the protest in peace conditions. Who prevented this desire? Police? No. City mayor? No. Supreme authority of the country? Not either. Mayor of the city has allocated a special place for realization of this action. It is the truth, when 2 thousand is going, they speak of 20 thousand, 5 thousand - as 50 thousand. Now in any case on the area Azadlig there was no more than 4-5 thousand a man. With those in 5 thousand it was possible to go and gather before State Fund of Film and to express the opinions, point of view. Why have not they made it? Why have they made mass disturbances? At least, it is absurd then to condemn police which is carrying out the service duty.

- That is the police carried out the professional duty … … …

- Yes, carried out a professional duty. The law-enforcement bodies of Azerbaijan never rose  hands and will not raise on the man serving statehood of Azerbaijan, its national interests. But police, the Internal Troops are always ready to apply force concerning the persons working against national interests of Azerbaijan, opinion of the people. To undertake adequate measures - their service duty determined on the law, and they should do it  and will do in the future. On the contrary, if the measures, undoubtedly were not taken, they would answer today before the law.  The joyful fact is, that the personal structure of police and Internal Troops carrying there a service, executed duty to the state, people, duties predetermined by the law, at the highest level and heroically have prevented this crime. The Azerbaijan people and until now express the appreciation to police, Internal Troops prevented this crime. It once again is confirmed by hundreds of letters, collective references. Articles do not accord to state interests, national interests of the Azerbaijan people, they don’t have legal bases and are unsuccessful attempts of separate opposition forces to breach authority of police, and as a whole, of operative power.

- Mister Minister, today in press frequently one aspect in connection with events of October 15-16 is declined. It is connected to use by police of teargas. And already in some press bodies the name of the person who gave the order about its use is revealed. It police major. Whether was there really such case, whether was this gas used? Whether is there any infringement of the law thus?  

- Once again I mention that police and the Internal Troops worked within the framework of the law and the undertaken measures are natural. Let opposition journalists, or expressing by their language, law defenders, will read and will learn the law. In the law it’s unequivocally informed, that for calm of the mass disorders it is possible to use special means. And it depends on a situation. If they would come without the weapon, bludget , stones, probably they would be prevented by a different way, that is without such use of teargas, rubber bludget. But in any case, till one party was people roughly broken laws of the person, and on the other hand, protecting the law, Azerbaijan people, simultaneously calmness of the inhabitants of capital. These правозащитники put on the same level нападавших and subject to an attack, and ask why there were these events. Why 13, October 14, or though today police does not beat and does not detain those people? Before same Arifoglu Hajiyev and others spoke, stated the opinions. Operating power was not only criticized, but also offended, and declared the scripts of crimes, which will commit in the future. We suffered  it and assumed, that is possible they speak, but the crimes won’t be committed. All happened on the contrary.

In connection with the mass disorders of October 15-16 by investigation conducted by operative - search group, created by General Prosecutor Office of republic, in which simultaneously employees of MIA and other structures take part, the legal estimation to the committed crimes will be given. Addressing once again to acting on pages of the newspapers and their leaders, I want to tell, that you can conduct struggle within the framework of the law. It can’t be conducted in a direction, opposite to the Azerbaijan national interest, and it is never  supposed. Today Azerbaijan state, stateness is not at such level, on which it was 10 years back. The national Leader, our immortal President Heydar Aliyev has created such state, has caused such state tradition that from desire of the separate persons, any assemblies of 5-10 thousand the man is impossible to achieve something attacking on any body. Azerbaijan is the democratic state, always advances by the way of democratic construction and in our country the society basing on the European values, legal principles is under construction. Here one of the most important conditions is respect for the law, supremeness of the law. Therefore I estimate such attempts as illegal, contradicting Constitution and as antidemocratic actions and I appeal to recede got on a wrong way from illegal actions. 

- In the report of Human Ryte Voch in connection with events of 15-16th of October the special place is devoted to Department on Combat with the Organized Crime and there is one moment, that in this establishment the special cruelty is shown, tortures  are applied to the person arrested on that day. What your position as minister in this connection?

- Completely unilateral, opinion, not basing on a reality. Not having studied the attitude of the opposite party, the opinions, not analyzing the facts given by us to the international organizations, they have given such opinion. What’s the truth, the Azerbaijan people knows well and saw on screens of TV. 

You set a question, why the name of Department on Combat with the Organized Crime is declined so frequently. It is not casual. At first I would like to attract your attention to one problem. During last 10 years one moment connected to opposition attracted me. What is it? This is attitude to the representatives of a supreme layer of a party and attitude to the ordinaries to the members of a party. If the slightest criticism expresses first, all opposition of the newspaper, and working with them law defense  organization  apply by all efforts on protection of such representatives. And in questions concerning ordinaries of the members of a party, they do not recollect and do not accept on account of. By this approach I explain declination of a name of Department on Combat with the Organized Crime. In press too on accusation of participation in a crime in this or that form more than 600 men were arrested and only 18 of them are allocated in Department on Combat with the Organized Crime. It was representatives distinguished on occupied by them party posts. That is leaders. They were the basic organizers of events of October 15-16 determined and detained by Department on Combat with the Organized Crime. Therefore on the one hand, the organizers of the mass disorders and representatives of a party head were seriously protected, and on the other hand, the criticism intentionally was directed to Department on Combat with Organized Crime. They worried, that the organizers have been arrested by this Department. On the other hand, the employees of Department on Combat with the Organized Crime were obliged to prevent this crime, to be on a place of event. And they were on a place of event; they adequately have executed the service duty. Demonstrating fidelity to the Azerbaijan people, Azerbaijan state, they have shown large heroism and courage. By declination of a name of Department they try to belittle it, for this Department as one of the basic structures of MIA, not given opportunities to realization of their script, is an obstacle before them. But let's pay attention to opinion of the people. Thousand addressed to us highly estimate and welcome activity of Internal Troops, Departments on Combat with the Organized Crime, Baku Garrison. Our personal structure consists of the employees and military men fond of their trade, respecting the laws and protecting it, worked within the framework of the law, not supposing any illegality.

- Mister the minister, in the report Human Ryte Voch there is approximately such requirement, that DOOC should be closed. Besides, the representatives opposition parties state this opinion in various political circles. On yours, as far as these requirements are objective? That is it is wrong to speak about objectivity, whether closing this Department is possible? Whether is there such Department in the neighbor countries, other states?

- In world practice, the necessity for creation especially after bloody terrorist events in USA, existence of such body of special assignment has increased many times over. There should be such structure past special readiness. It is not realized at someone's desire. Worldwide there are devices of Combat with the organized Crime, including with terrorism, gangsterism and other dangerous crimes. In the countries, where they are absent, new ones are created, what is dictated by realities of the modern period.

The Department on Combat with the Organized Crime was created on the basis of the order of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev on August 9, 1994 with the purpose of strengthening Combat against Crime, strengthening of legality and law order.. During the past period this structure has carried out paramount activity in neutralization of hundred organized armed groups, detection and attraction to the judicial responsibility of the kidnappers of the people, its merit in an exposure of the persons engaged in robbery, robbery, by an illegal revolution of drugs making false money and payment documents are invaluable. Not casually, that the forces trying to break stability, by slander to address of Department on Combat with the Organized Crime, Internal Troops, as a whole MIA try, on the one hand, to deceive the international community, on the other hand, to generate negative opinion at the Azerbaijan people about these bodies. But I repeat, that these attempts are vain. Complete lie these clauses can not undermine battle spirit of the employees worth on protection of the law, statehood, calmnesses of the people. We look at all this as on processes, existing in a democratic society, we hear also criticism. We accept and we shall arrange on liquidation of mistakes in the acts. But we shall give always worthy answer to liers, persons trying to slander us in eyes of a public, throwing a shadow on our activity. And we always will with fidelity  serve to a native Land, state, statehood.

- Mister Minister, judicial process in connection with events of October 15-16 has already begun. In one of courts it was decided, that minister of foreign affairs should submit the information on kinds of Troops removed on streets from the party of MIA in connection with events of October 15-16.

- The court - independent structure, objective judicial finding - out goes on. The courts find out who is guilty, degree of public danger of actions, and probably, specified will find a legal estimation. As well to me the reference is made on what forces of police carried out a service that day. I’ll give the official answer. Our activity is carried out within the framework of the law and not a secret from our people. That day the regular parts of bodies of police, personnel, some military parts of Internal Troops and personnel of MIA special structures were attracted in prevention of this crime - mass disorder. The truth, opposition here again has tried to deceive some law defenders which arrived from overseas. I remember, accepting mister Gross, he asked me one question. He has told, that some days before the elections you accepted high ranked official of Russia - mister Vladimir Rushaylo . By the data, available at us, as if the group "Alfa" from Russia took part in suppression of the mass disorders, too. In the answer I have told him, that he was again deceived, it was a lie. Today Azerbaijan has both potential and appropriate structures for the protection. The persons in a mask - employees of a special platoon of Department on Combat with the Organized Crime. That is there was not and no  foreign force can  be invited for participation. Here there is nothing confidential. I want also to note, that all measures were within the framework of the law and in our activity we were guided only by law. If we have exceeded it, now there is an investigation, judicial findings - out, they and will give a legal estimation to our actions. If any police or our military man has crossed the law, we are always ready to take measures.

- Mister minister, I would like to ask last question in connection with the journalists. During events the injured were also journalists. Whether the search of criminals proceeds, whether there are real results?

Some problems connected to the journalists, in the mass actions exist and occur. To tell frankly, the Department of the ministry and structures on places also worries because of it. Sometimes we necessarily get involved in the conflict the policeman - journalist. In result there are misunderstanding, that we do not want neither we, nor true authors working according to present journalist ethics. However problem that among carrying in a pocket journalist certificate of the persons there are representatives of radical opposition. This balanced means for a deceit not only Azerbaijan people, but also world public. That is, for example, he is from Musavat or ADP. That his detention became the reason for large scandal, he’s given the certificate of the journalist, and then on all worlds they declare, that this Azerbaijan government, police severely treats with the journalists. At present, from the 8-million people about 60 thousand have at itself the certificate of the journalist. Any other country does not have such circumstances.. However we know well, that it not the journalists, recently were held meetings with Mr. Amashov, other executives of journalist organizations. It was coordinated to create normal conditions of realization by them of service activity. We came to a conclusion, that if the infringement was made by policeman, he will answer. We are always ready to cooperate with the people respecting present journalist ethics.

The additional measures are accepted, that in the future the journalists were in special clothes during the mass actions, the sample of which is already ready. The important work on "withdrawal" of the journalists-“rackets” has begun.

- Mister Minister, thanks for a detailed and large interview, thank You!