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Citizens and police

For operative reaction to committed crime and intelligence information, to carry out urgent investigatory-operative measures, exposure of crime without delay, detention of perpetrators and with the purpose of duly carrying out other operative search measures, the specialized operative-investigatory groups are created at the duty services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Irrespective of place and result of accident, Administration of Duty Services of the Ministry and officers in charge on duty services at the bodies of the Ministry provide reception of information, oral or written application from citizens, representatives of public organizations and from persons responsible at the enterprises, organizations.

Officer on duty provides exposure of crime without delay, renders assistance to the victims of the crime, conducts preventive measures, storage of valuable items and dispatch of specialized operative-investigatory groups to the places of accident.

Upon receipt of application, the officer on duty has to carry out detailed examination of the circumstances (time, place, modes of commitment of crime) and has to give a receipt to the applicant on acceptance of the application. In case if circumstances described in the application are not within framework of competence of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, officer on duty has to advise to refer application to the authority concerned.

Despite the place and time of occurrence, all kind of information related to offences and accidents are accepted by the duty service officers as well as by their assistants.
Persons are detained at the police stations :

  • not more 3 hours for administrative offences
  • not more 24 hours in case if administrative punishment is foreseen for commitment of administrative offence
  • not more 48 hours if suspected in commitment of crime or for identification purposes

Officers on duty have to apply followings mentioned below in case of detained person’s delivery to the station.

  • to explain the reason and grounds of detention
  • to explain rights of detained person (as well as rights to place complaint concerning detention)
  • to inform relatives of the detained person about detention (juveniles)
  • to provide advocate by demand of the detained, to arrange meeting with the advocate
  • urgent clarification circumstances of detention
  • to arrange participation of the translator in case if detained person has no knowledge of working language used by police authorities
  • in case if detained person is foreigner, to explain rights for contact with diplomatic mission or consulate of the country concerned
  • in case of necessity to provide  with medical service
  • to keep detained person separate from arrested or convicted persons as well as to keep women apart from men
  • to prevent any action of violence and humiliating dignity

At any time of the day to inform about any violation of law, each citizen may use to emergency police service, dialing 102 or to apply to duty service unit of the concerned territorial police department.