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Mammadov Shahin Iskandar oglu

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan, Commander of Internal troops, Hasanov Zakir Asker oglu

Major-general Hasanov Zakir was born in the region of Astara on 6 June 1959. He graduated from the Baku High Army Commanders School in 1980. Between 1980-1985 he served in the Soviet Armed Forces Units in Germany. From 1985  to 1993 he worked in the Altay Military registration and enlistment office  of the Siberia  Military Region of MoD of USSR. He served in the Main Office of the Border Troops of the National Ministry of Security of Republic of Azerbaijan  in 1993-2003. Then he was promoted to the chief of office of the international relations of the State Border Service. He was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Interior and Commander of the Internal Troops by presidential decree  on 17 January 2003. He was promoted to major-general by presidential decree  on 17 May 2003.


A Medal for Distinctive Services (by the decree of the President of Republic of Azerbaijan  16.08.2002)
An Order of Azerbaijan Flag (by the decree of the President of   Republic of Azerbaijan   30.06.2004)
A Medal for Distinctive Services in the Border (by the order of the Minister for National Security 15.12.98) 

He is married, has two children.