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Compliance with law requirements is the main focus


The Ministry of Internal Affairs maintains the focus on the implementation of duties arising from the requirements of the Law on Restrictions Regarding Use of Tobacco Products.

The Main Public Security Department of MIA and city and district police agencies of the republic jointly with the relevant authorities carry out monitoring at places where smoking is prohibited by law, conduct intense outreach activities among individuals and legal entities, self-employed entrepreneurs as well as across the population, and inform citizens, individuals, legal entities and self-employed entrepreneurs on their right to address the 102 Call Center Service System and web-site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs regarding non-compliance with the requirements of the relevant legislation.

As a whole, in the result of measures implemented by city and district police agencies of the republic in 2021, administrative penalty was imposed on 3422 persons for smoking in places where smoking is prohibited and release of tobacco product wastes to the environment, on 270 persons for sale of tobacco products to minors in accordance with Articles 212.1, 212.4 and 455.2 of the Code of Administrative Offences. A total amount of fines imposed was AZN 133,140.

Efforts in this direction will be carried on.


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