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There have been carried out a number of successful operational-investigative actions directed on disclosing by the law-enforcement bodies and the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Republic of grave crimes accomplished recently, arrest and bringing of the culprits  to responsibility, and also on detention of the fugitives and transfer to the investigation bodies.

On February 21, 2005, in the territory of Hovsan settlement, the unknown persons have killed Allahveren Mammadliyev. In connection with this grave crime, was urgently set up an operative-investigative group in composition of employees of the Police Department and the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Surakhani district. In result of professionally carried out measures, has been established and on March 7, was detained the citizens of Georgia Vusal Omarov and Gabil Hasanov as guilty.

Investigation has shown that the said persons have murdered Allahveran Mammadaliyev under the order of Afer Mammadov and Abbas Ahmadov in the Russian Federation who were in trade contacts with Allahveran Mammadaliyev.

Operational-investigative actions are underway.

Also was provided disclosure of one more murder accomplished with special cruelty in the territory of Surakhani district. On February 15 current year, in the Yeni Guneshli settlement of Baku was found the body of Vusal Zeynalov, the pupil of the School 275, who was killed in the apartment. In result of the professionally carried out operative-search and investigative actions, have been detained Ruslan Bessonov, Dmitry Pavlov and Maksim Genoshilkin.

As a result of investigation, it has been established that the said persons have deliberately murdered Vusal Zeynalov on ground of the dispute arisen between them.

Law-enforcement bodies and the Offices of Public Prosecutor of Republic continue purposeful measures in the field of detention and bringing to judicial responsibility of the persons, who committed crime and disappear from investigation.

As a result of the joint operative-search actions carried out by employees of Gazakh regional department of police and the Department of Internal Affairs of the Vladimir Oblast of the Russian Federation, was arrested and delivered to Azerbaijan, the member of the criminal group headed by one of the organizers of coup-d’etat in March 1995, Elchin Amiraslanov, one of the active participants of the armed assault on the Gazakh and Agstafa regional police departments, and who was accused and wanted on the Articles 57-3, 57-1, 70-2 and the resident of the Gazakh region Nariman Ismayilov, accused on the Article 220-1 of the Criminal Code.

Besides, there have been undertaken purposeful measures on prevention of the illegal acts seriously undermining economic foundations of our country.

On March 17, as a result of operative measures, has been detained in the city of Baku the citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Ogbuzhi Samson Oniem, from whom was revealed and confiscated 900.000 carbonized US dollars, which, at first sight did not remind the bank note and only after chemical processing acquired the monetary form. 

Investigation was launched to the case, and Ogbuzhi Samson Oniem was detained as a crime suspect. Operative-investigative measures are underway.

In accordance with the expedient and effective law-enforcement policy carried out under the guidance of President of the country, realization of permanent control over operative conditions in the Republic, combat against criminality, maintenance of social order, legality and law will be resolutely realized and henceforth.