By the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


On November 13, the training was held in the subject of “Trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation and forced labor” in the Head Office for Combating Trafficking in human beings by the organization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the US Embassy in Azerbaijan.
The chief of the Head Office, the police major-general Sharif Asadullayev opening the event with introductory speech, where the associates of the law enforcement authorities took part, delivered to the attention that our republic has joined to the relevant UN Convention on combating trafficking in human beings since 2003 and this actual problem is always in the center of attention of the management of the country. He noted that as the result of it, three National Actions Plans covering 2004-2018 on combating trafficking in human beings have been approved by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the deputy minister of Internal Affairs was appointed as the responsible person for this field – the National Coordinator, other normative-legal acts were adopted and specialized special police organization was established.

He stated that decisive combating measures are taken against all forms of human trafficking in our country, the international relations of the Head Office are expanded, its associates take close part in the trainings held in various states of the world, and the exchange of experience is studied in this field.

The lawyer of the US Embassy in Azerbaijan for temporary affairs Derrick Hogan stated that he was pleased that positive changes happened in socio-political and economic life of our republic, he stressed a number of achievements gained in the field of combating trafficking in human beings, successful application of the legal mechanisms, improvement of the conditions created for the victims of human trafficking, and that’s why Azerbaijan is  sample for other states, and importance of study of the advanced experience of our country in the stated direction.

The counselor of the US Department of Justice James Benedetto and other experts delivered to the attention that the works done by Azerbaijan state in the field of combating trafficking in human beings, the measures taken by it and the projects implemented are highly appreciated in international level, the international community accept with sympathy the efforts of the law enforcement  authorities and civil society institutes in the direction of compliance with the minimum standards in respect to prevention of such types of crimes. The experts also noted the importance of active involvement of the youth to the enlightenment actions and further informing them.

In the training, identification of the persons undergone to sexual harassment and forced labor, organization of works with them and other actual issues were discussed in detail along with conducting investigation of the crimes of human trafficking based on international practice and local legislation, also wide exchange of view was conducted on the future perspectives of the cooperation.
The participants will be awarded relevant certificates at the end of the event that will last for two days.