The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The President Ilham Aliyev has taken part in the opening of the military unit of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Shirvan city

The President of Azerbaijan Republic, the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev has taken part in the opening of the military unit of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs situated in Shirvan city on June 23.

The minister of internal affairs, colonel-general Ramil Usubovhas reported to the head of our state.

The President Ilham Aliyev was informed that
construction of the new buildings in the military unit was started in 2012 and the construction works were completed in May of 2017. The headquarters, barrack buildings, canteen, medical station and other buildings were constructed in the military unit having the total area of 8,5hectares. The buildings were supplied with central engineering communication, as well as power, water- sewerage, ventilation systems, furniture and inventories. Parking lot, shooting camp, guard point, warehouses, modern bath – laundry complex were created in the territory. There is also lining square in the size of 8 thousand square meters in the military unit. The classes of shooting, communication, tactical training, vehicle driving, arrangement of traffic and cook training were given to use of the military servants in the educational section of the military unit. All of the class-rooms were supplied with necessary inventory, as well as visual aids. The sports equipment was also installed in the yard of the military unit. It is planned to build four-storey barrack in here in the future.

The photo-stand reflecting the care and attention of the great leader HeydarAliyev and the President Ilham Aliyev to the army-building was created in the foyer of the headquarters building. The briefing and service rooms in the building were supplied with necessary inventory. Comprehensive conditions were created for high level service of the military servants here.

The head of our state has been in the soldier barrack too. There are all conditions for staying and resting of the soldiers in the barrack created in modern level. The barracks were supplied with hot floor, also air-conditioners. There are also wide possibilities for efficient arrangement of free time of the soldiers in the barrack. The ideology and household rooms, property warehouses and barber’s room were given to use of the soldiers too. In one word, the condition in here indicate that the steps made in the direction of further improvement of service conditions of the military servants of Internal Troops as well as the army-building of Azerbaijan state is subsequent. This also shows that Azerbaijan soldier passes service in most modern military units today. Of course, this was possible due to attention and care of the commander-in-chief. Then the head of our state got familiarized with the military arms and supplies and hardware of the Internal Troops. Today, the Internal Troops is one of the most modern military units for its battle skills, logistics, and military-technical equipment. The Internal Troops being one of the important structural units of the single system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic performs the duties of protection of the interests of society and the state, constitutional rights and freedoms of the citizens against criminal attempts, protection of important state facilities, communication devices, protection of public order and other duties defined in the legislation.

Then, the President Ilham Aliyev got familiarized with the conditions created in the soldier canteen of the military unit. All necessary conditions were created here for feeding of the soldiers. 320 soldiers may feed in the canteen at the same time. The canteen has also bread, meat, fish, vegetable, dried foods and class rooms.
the medical station of the military unit is also in modern level. Necessary conditions were created for provision of medical service to the military servants in a high level. There are also cloth, drug-store, canteen, dressing station and other necessary rooms in the medical station. Physiotherapy, dental and other medical services will be provided to the military servants here. Great reconstruction works were conducted and lawns were laid in the territory of the military unit.

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