Crime Analysis for 2022

Actions in the field of combating crime and protection of public order in the Republic were reasonably carried out in 2022, the security of citizens was reliably protected, and the criminogenic situation was kept under control.

In the reporting year, 36,494 crimes were recorded by state organizations that are the subject of search and investigation activities. 39.7% (14,500) of them are related to economic activity, 41.5% (15,142) are against public security and public order, 14.8% (5,388) are against personality and other illegal acts. 83.4% (30,447) of the crimes were crimes that did not pose a great public threat and were of less serious nature.

Compared to 2021, crimes against the personality were decreased by 2.4%, as well as attempted murders by 13%, intentionally causing grave bodily injury by 5%, crimes involving the use of firearms by 17.6%, the crimes committed on the grounds of domestic conflicts by 2.4%, livestock theft by 21.3%.

With the implemented operational-search measures and investigative actions, 89.7 % (+0.8%) of the 34,745 crimes recorded by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor's Office were detected. 85.3 % of grave and especially grave crimes, 85.7% of those that committed in non-obvious circumstances, 98.2% of those against the personality, 95.7% of intentional murders, 96.7 % of attempted murders, 96.9% of crimes of intentional serious harm to health, 81.8% of those against property, including 75.4% of thefts, 91.4% of frauds, 97.9% of robberies %, 97.3% of plunders, 96.7% of extortion, 93% of carjacking crimes, as well as 95.9% of hooliganism were detected.

368 crimes remained closed from previous years, 3,264 crimes were detected with "hot traces", and 9,864 illegal acts were prevented. The results of the search for accused persons improved by 2.6% and reached 85.5%, the location of 77 persons who were internationally wanted through the National Central Bureau of Interpol and 46 persons wanted by member countries of this organization was identified.

As a whole, 19,069 persons for various crimes, including 202 persons who kept and carried illegal firearms were detained and involved to the judicial liability, and 251 criminal groups who committed grave and especially grave crimes were neutralized.

Compared to the corresponding period of 2021, 373 kg more or 3 tons 418 kilograms of drugs were removed from illegal turnover. The narcotic plant with a total weight of 172 tons and 753 kilograms was destroyed in the form of a green mass, and 1 ton 150 kg of drugs was prevented from being trafficked into the country. 

The Capital – Baku city

In 2022, positive results were achieved by the police of the capital in the field of combating crime, protection of citizens' rights and freedoms, and legal interests.

16.724 of the 34,745 crimes recorded in the Republic or 48.1% were committed in the city of Baku, the number of cases detected was 87.3% (+1%). 81% of those crimes are less grave crimes and do not pose a great public threat, 19% are grave and especially grave crimes.

Compared to 2021, the number of attempted murders was decreased by 11%, causing grave injury to health by 9%, rape by 43%, carjacking by 21%, as well as crimes committed through use of firearms by 9%, the number of traffic accidents by 15%, the number of people killed in accidents by 11%, the number of victims was decreased by 14%. 

83.7% of grave and especially grave crimes, 83.5% of those that occurred in non-obvious circumstances, 97.6% of those against the personality, as well as all (100 %) intentional homicide and rape crimes, 94.1 % of intentionally causing grave injuries to the health, 79.5% of property damage, including 72.4 % of theft, 96.5 % of robbery, 95% of pillage, 97.8% of extortion, 90.6% of car hijackings, as well as 92.9% of hooliganism cases were opened.

167 cases which remained closed from previous years, including 49 grave and especially grave crimes were detected with the measures implemented jointly with the prosecution authorities, and 305 accused persons were arrested for those illegal acts.

The detection of crimes committed against foreigners was high and amounted to 85.7%.

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