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18.10.2005 15:06

Ramil Usubov, the interior minister of Azerbaijan held a briefing for journalists on October 17 upon the Azerbaijan Milli Majlis' ex-speaker Rasul Guliyev's detaining in Ukraine.

   The Minister noted that Rasul Guliyev as a criminal wanted on six charges, including embezzlement of $117 million in oil revenues and abuse of authority, and said the government had hoped that his plane would land so he could be put on trial. "We want Mr. Rasul Guliyev to return, said the minister

   The Interior Minister added that at least 26 of Rasul Guliyevs supporters including a former finance minister and a former police chief - were arrested. They were planning to stage a protest rally against Rasul Guliyevs expected arrest at the airport and to use force against police. We will step in and use all means at our disposal to stop any attempts to stage mass unrest in Baku or the regions, said the minister. .

   Mr. Usubov also said that the police had found weapons - including three Kalashnikov rifles, three pistols, ammunition and 18 grenades - on the road near checkpoints and that armed opposition members had probably tossed them from their cars when they realized that they might be searched.