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Press Release by the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


 Minister of Internal Affairs of the Azerbaijan Republic Colonel General Ramil Usubov received the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Azerbaijan Mr. Said Khan Mohmand on August 22.
The Minister welcomed warmly the guest having congratulated the Ambassador on his appointment and wished success in his diplomatic activity in our republic.
The Minister emphasized the rich history and deep roots of the relations between two states which are the strategic partners and priority placed by Great National Leader Heydar Aliyev and President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on establishment of these relations on the solid foundation, and noted that Pakistan was the second country which recognized our independence. Mr. Usubov also expressed gratitude to Pakistan for its explicit support given to Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity on the international stage and in regional organizations.

Further Mr. Ramil Usubov shared information about the challenges our country faced in the first years of its independence, chaos established in the state, the atmosphere of disorder and impunity, and at the same time, the occupation of 20 percent of our territory in the result of military aggression of Armenia which resulted in expulsion of more than one million of our compatriots from their homeland. t was emphasized that only in the result of the wise policy of National Leader Heydar Aliyev, who returned to power at request of the people and intensive and effective activities carried out under his guidance together with the law enforcement agencies including the internal affairs authorities public order and stability were restored in the country and the criminal situation was taken under control. Efforts made to ensure persistent stability and order created conditions for development of the national economy. It was mentioned that both our citizens and foreigners working in our country enjoy such safe conditions.

The Minister also told about reforms carried out in all spheres of public life including the internal affairs bodies, adoption of new laws based on democratic principles to regulate police activities with the focus on human rights and freedoms protection, use of practices and recommendations of a number of advanced countries and international organizations in this area, and attention given to execution of laws were also mentioned. The Minister also mentioned the extensive use of state-of-the-art technology including the 102 Call Center Service and Safe City System launched in the republic to provide prompt measures against any illegal acts in respect of citizens.

The Minister mentioned the development and stability observed in the result of the political will of the heads of state, close relations established in recent years between two friendly states, and expressed content with joint efforts made in prevention of transnational organized crime especially illegal drug trafficking, illegal migration and trafficking in persons as well as exchange of operational information based on signed international legal instruments. Mr. Usubov also expressed his confidence that mutual visits and this meeting would contribute to further strengthening of this alliance.
Touching on the problems, the Minister emphasized the importance of joining efforts in prevention of main types of transnational organized crime especially combating illegal drug trafficking is the focus of attention and effective prevention of such dangerous global crimes.

Having expressed his gratitude for hearty reception and detailed information, Said Khan Mohmand highlighted friendship between our states and peoples, mentioned deep roots of these friendly relations and expressed satisfaction with rapid development of these relations in all spheres over recent years, stability and peace established in our country and transformation of the republic and its capital into one of the most safe state and cities.
The Ambassador shared the Minister’s opinion about the importance of joint combating against transnational organized crime and especially international terrorism in which Pakistan has vast experience and emphasized that he will exert every effort to further develop the bilateral cooperation which is at a high level today.

The parties also discussed other matters of concern in the friendly and frank atmosphere of the meeting.