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The Information of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


The minister of internal affairs, colonel-general RamilUsubov has received Onno Kervers the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Netherlands in our country on June 13.
 The minister greeting the visitor has congratulated him for the new appointment and wished him success in his activities.
Then the Minister of Internal Affairs noting that the problems encountered by the country with over 1 million citizens’ being refugees from their native lands in the result of Armenian aggression in the first years of the independence, and stated that our state has made step to the comprehensive, continuous growth and the criminal situation was taken under control only in the result of domestic and foreign policy defined by the national leader Heydar Aliyev and also progressive reforms implemented under his supervision after his return to the power by the demand of the people. He stated that the very policy was tabilized and the growth and progress path was successfully forwarded by the supervision of the respected President Mr. Ilham Aliyev.     

Mr. Ramil Usubov stating that significant measures were taken in the field of recruiting of staff and improving the professional training, special importance was given to application of the new technology,delivered to the attention that our international relations has great role in improvement of the activity in accordance with the leading world experience, about 7 thousand associates were attracted to various training and exercises in last 10 years, about 100 bilateral and multilateral agreements, memoranda and protocols, also the Memorandum of Understanding on non-operational cooperation in the field of criminal cases was signed between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic and the Ministry of Justice of the Kingdom of Netherlands in August of 2010.

The Minister said that important works were done in our country for recent years in provision and protection of the human rights based on democratic principles. In order to ensure high level of citizen satisfaction, according to the concrete duties set forth before the state authorities and as well as the Ministry of Internal Affairs by the country management, during the last five years the management of the ministry has received about 12 thousand citizens, as well as in the cities and districts of the republic received over 9 thousand citizens, also in the territorial police authorities about 271 thousand citizens were received and duly measures were taken on the essence of each application, most of the issues filed were settled in place. Also, over 243 thousand applications were reviewed and the initiators were given written responses by explaining their rights.

The Ambassador Onno Kervers thanked for cordial reception and detailed information, expressed his pleasure from feeling very safe during the period of staying in our country, the stability and tranquility not only in the capital Baku city but also in all regions of Azerbaijan, and stated that he would not grudge his efforts for further development of bilateral relations during his activity period.