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The Information of the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


The delegation led by the army general YasharGuler the Commander-in-Chief of the Gendarme Forces of the Republic of Turkey came on official visit by the invitation of the The Minister of Internal Affairs , colonel general RamilUsubov.

 In the morning of April 26 , Mr. YasharGuler and the persons accompanying him went to the Honorary Avenue and laid a wreath on the grave of the national leader of our people HeydarAliyev , remembered the dear memory of the great leader. They also placed fresh flowers on the grave of well-known ophthalmologist scientist , academician Mrs. AliyevaZarifa.
Then the representatives of the brother country have visited the “Eternal Torch” Complex , the Brotherhood grave of the matyred military servants of Internal Troops and Turkish Matyrdom in the Matyrs’ Avenue.
At that day , the Minister of Internal Affairs , colonel general RamilUsubov has received the delegation led by the army general YasharGuler.

The minister greeting the visitors reminded with pleasure that after getting its independence , the relations of Azerbaijan with Turkey developed with rising line , the services of the great leader HeydarAliyev in this field , successful implementation of his policy “one nation , two states” by the President of Azerbaijan Republic , Mr. IlhamAliyev , new stage of relations between friend and brother coutnries in the result of political will and mutual visits of the heads of the states.

Mr. RamilUsubov stressed that the “Protocol on delivery and supply aid to be provided by the Gendarme Office of Turkey to the personnel of the Head Office of Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic” has been signed between the governments on October 31 , 1997 , and the legal basis of military cooperation relations between the Internal Troops and Gendarme Forces has been laid. It was noted that the relations with relevant authorities of friend and brother state were built based on the inter-state agreements on provision of mutual legal assistance , on exchange of experience , and on development of friendship and comprehensive cooperation.
The minister specially emphasizing that great importance is given to further development of the relations of the body led by him with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkey and as well as the Gendarme Command , the great labor of Armed Forces of Turkey , also the Gendarme Command in formation of Internal Troops and as well as army building , in turning it to the organization meeting the most moden requirements , in further raising the professionalism of the personnel and thanked them for it.

Then he gave detailed information to the visitor about the problems we encountered in the first years of independence , occupation of our lands , over 1 million of our countrymen becoming refugees , strained socio-political processes happening in our country. It was noted that after historic return of the great leader HeydarAliyev to the supreme power by the request of the people , in the result of the decisive measures taken under his supervision in all fields of the social life , as well as in the field of combatting crime , ensuring the public order and public security , the stability and tranquility was restored in Azerbaijan , the criminogenic situation was taken under control. It was stated that today firm stability was created in our country that is one of the main factors conditioning the rapid growth of our country under the supervision of the President of Azerbaijan Republic , Mr. IlhamAliyevi.
The Minister expressed that he was sure that the visit of the Commander-in-chief of Gendarme Forces of Turkey will make positive influence to the development and further deepening of our relations.

The army general YasharGuler expressing his gratitude for cordial reception and detailed information expressed that he was pleased of his visit to Azerbaijan , Baku is one of the most beautiful capital cities of the world , the dynamic development of our country , at the same time , Internal Troops becoming a mobile organization having high professionalism and fighting ability.

He highly appreciated the useful cooperation between the relevant authorities of both countries , he stressed that as “one natione , two states” , Turkey is always with Azerbaijan , it would not refuse its efforts for development of the army and internal troops of Azerbaijan , such cooperation and exchange of experience will serve to the interests of our brother people and countries.
A number of other issues interesting the parties were discussed in the meeting held in the friendly and tenderly conditions.    
The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Turkey in our country Erkan Ozoral took part in the reception.