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The Information of the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


The wide board meeting was held in the The Ministry of Internal Affairs on April 21 dedicated to the duties set forth and the condition of the works done in the field of provision of prevention and detection of the crmes against property committed in hidden conditions and protection of public order , provision of public security and supply with technical means in respect to the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games.
The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic , colonel general RamilUsubov  stated that both issues discussed are actual and covered the important efforts in respect to the activities of the authorities of internal affairs.

 He noted that the special weight of the crimes against the property committed in hidden conditions is high among the crimes that remained closed and detection of them requires professionalism from each associate. That’s why , the activities in related field should be implemented in accordance with the requirements of the relevant legislative acts , the order , direction and board decisions of the Ministry and high level organization of prophylactic and operative-investigation measures should be one of the major duties.

The minister of internal affairs reminding that the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games , the increasing international reputation and economic power of our country for recent years ,its becoming the leader state in the region was the expression of high estimation given to the wide building and restoration works executed under the supervision of the respected President Mr. IlhamAliyev , radical democratic , legal reforms noted that the preparatory works for this reliable sport competitions are conducted rapidly , the planned measures are kept under serious controel and performed consistently.It was stressed that great activity is performed in respect to reliable protection of public order and internal security as well as preparation for the Games in the republiv in the eve of above mentioned important international event due to high attention and organization of the state , government , and the President of Azerbaijan Republic , Mr. IlhamAliyev and the First Vice-President Mrs. MehribanAliyeva.
 The Minister stated that one of the important duties set forth is reliable protection of order and security during the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games to be held in Baku city during May 12 - 22.
The chief of the Head Office for Criminal Investigation , the police colonel ArzuDashadamirov delivered as speech with the report on the first issue on the agenda. He said that the possibilities of the information technologies were widely used in timely prevention of law violations against the property. By the operative measures taken on the information received by the “102” service of the Ministry during last year and in 3 months of the current year , also the technical possibilities of the “Safe City” service , 573 crimes were detected with hot tracks , 367 crimes were detected through automated criminalistics accountings , 127 searched cars and 45 cars driven with stolen state registration plate number were stopped.
By the measures taken for strengthening the advocation in the field of application of security-alarm systems being of great importance in prophylaxis of such kind of crimes , 1152 facilities and 1326 apartments were accepted to protection in 2016 , and 296 facilities and 230 apartments were accepted to protection within 3 months of the current year , also 122 persons attempting to steal from the facilities were arrested.
As the result of the operative - investigation measures conducted continuously , detection of the crimes against the property was improved 3.6 % in 2016 and arranged 74 ,3 %. This positive trend has continued in the first quarter of the current year and detection of the above mentioned crimes was improved 2.8 %. During the above mentioned period , 6173 persons were involved into the criminal liability , 921 groups consisting of 2428 persons were neutralized , 2122 persons about whom search was announced were arrested.  

The chief of the Head Office for Public Security , the police colonel OgtayKarimov delivering speech with the report on the second issue on the agenda
delivered to the attention that the Organizational Commitees was established by the Order of the President of Azerbaijan Republic dated September 18 , 2015 with the purpose of high level organization of such important international sport event , and the duties set forth in the field of identification of needs for the technical means , things and supplies for full and timely implementation of duties set forth by the respected head of the state , organization work , training of the personnel , prophylactic measures , protection of public order , provision of traffic security were performed in planned manner.  

It was stated that the total number of the personnel to be involved in such important international event from the authorities of internal affairs will be 12 thousand persons. 252 of them are women associates. Based on the initial calculations conducted together with the Operations Committee , it was provided for to use 154 X-RAY and 286 stationary metal detectors in check-points. In this respect , about 1.800 associates that will serve in special check point equipment were involved in practical trainings. The works to be done on security of traffic and by the accompaniment of the high level delegates are also in the center of attention. The duties set forth in this direction will be performed by about 1200 associates of traffic patrol service in 400 cars of special assignment.

Furthermore , in order to implement pauseless supervision on the public order , 642 video surveillance cameras are used in 214 points around the residential and non-residential facilities. 267 cameras with face recognition functions will be installed in front of each stationary metal detector tobe applied in check point mode until May 1. Total 12 thousand video surveillance cameras operate in 3.270 points of the “Safe City” system and about 100 thousand video surveillance cameras working in autonomous mode operate in facilities belonging to private property in the republic.
It was delivered to the attention of the participants of the Board  that due to matchless support of the respected President , thousands of radio stations , metal detectors , tablets , board-computers , video recorder devices and “IPatrol” beacons , as well as “BMW” and “Mercedes” make 837 service cars purchased during the 1st European Games will be used during the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games. Also the issues of increasing the professional traning of the associates to take part in protecton of the public order , as well as the level of polite behavior of them in intercourse with the citizens were kept in the center of attention , necessary training , workshop and meetings were held.

They talked about the works done on the issues discussed in the speeches around the lectures and noted the duties set forth.
The minister finalizing the meeting stressed that as in the previous periods , positive results were obtained in combating crime , protection of public order , human rights and freedoms in the republic in the first quarter of the current year.
By noting that the works done on the issues in the agenda are sufficient in whole , at the same time , there are certain errors and shortcomings in some territorial authorities , demanded to take adequate measures for prevention of them by analyzing deeply , gave concrete tasks and recommendations on actual issues and other important directions of the operative-service activity.
At the end of the speech , the minister , colonel general RamilUsubov made sure the president of the Country , the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces Mr. IlhamAliyev that the personnel of the authorities of internal affairs being devoted to their motherland , people and the state would resolutely perform all responsible duties undertaken by them , will not grudge their forces and skills for reliable protection of public order , security and legal interests of the citizens and the state against unlawful actions.