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Training Regiment of Internal Troops


On September 2003, the training regiment was establish in a sturcture of Training Center of  Internal Troops. Education system of  the training is conducted based on NATO standards, arranging educational and profesional improvement courses in accordance with orders and directives of the MIA and Commander of Internal Troops, statute of the Training Center of Internal Troops and methodology trainings on fighting and socially political preparations of the Internal Troops. Following course are trained at Gala Training regiment :

- 6 months courses on preparation of officer and warrant officers
- 4 months improvment courses for officers and warrant officers
- 1 month Academy courses

The aim of courses is directed on improvment qualifications of professional, military and physical skills, preparation of platoon and section commanders.
During the courses students are trained in Internal troops tactics, topography, shooting, communication, military psychology, engineering, drill, medical, automobile, physical and methodology trainings in military legislation.
There also training areas on preparation in shooting, power (force) barriers, 100 m shooting gallery and areas on training in application of preveting measures during security and emergency accidents. At the end of the courses 3 or 5 days field trainings, drawn near to war situation, are also conducted.

Graduates by profession of officer or warrant officer and officer improvement courses are awarded by the diplomas, but graduates of warrant officers courses are confered warrant officer rank by order of the Commander of Internal Troops based on recomendation of  the commander of  training regiment.
Since beginning of activity till present time, 933 military servicemen have passed courses at Gala Training Regiment. They are 527 officers and 406 warrant officers.
103 persons passed officers professional courses, 424 persons officers improvement course, 61 persons warrant officers preparation courses and 345 persons warrant officers improvement course.

Presently 29 persons are students of officers improvment courses and 30 persons are students of warrant officers improvment courses.