Crime Analysis for 2004

Brief analysis of delinquency in Azerbaijan Republic for 2004

Like the recent years, the tasks of the fight against delinquency, and of maintenance of public order and security were implemented successfully in 2004.

The number of crimes recorded for the report period was 16210 (+1158) cases, and the indication of their detection increased from 93.0% to 94.2 in comparison with 2003, the indication of arrested offenders who were in quest increased from 72.3 % to 73.8%.

Though in the structure of crimes, the robbery increased to 8 facts (168-176), demands by threatening to 6 (41-47), the housebreaking to 4 (577-581), the indication of their detection was higher (80-94%).

The increase of offences was mainly because of the growth of less grave cases (-501, 6948-7449) and events not causing much threat to public security (+581,66664-7245).

All the crimes related to brigandage, kidnapping and hostage and demands by threatening are cleared.

The number of kidnapping (-5, 17,9 %), attempts to kill person (-10, 9.8%), rape (-24, 49,0%), intentional great damage to the health (-40, 15.4%), theft (-45, 2,5%), as well as theft of motor transport (-15, 28,8%) and cattle plundering (-98, 24,4 %) decreased significantly.

115 facts related to human trade, as well as 3 to trade of teen-agers, 6 of involving them into immoral actions, 5 facts of forcing them to sexual actions were revealed and 106 persons were brought into account for those crimes.

2053 (+0.2 %) criminal facts related to the transaction of drugs and psychotropic agents were recorded, and 218 kg drugs were eliminated from the transaction.

367 cases remaining closed from the previous years, including 67 grave and especially grave crimes were detected.

Concerning group crimes, 3952 persons who committed 1850 crimes, including 13 kidnappings, 23 premeditated murders, 11 requirements by threatening, 66 brigandage and 32 pillages, 308 persons were called into criminal responsibility.

1631 fire-arm, including 167 automatic machines, 182 pistols, 3 machine-guns, 37 grenade cup discharges, 1062 rifles, including 618 grenades and 16 thousand cartridges kept illegally were exacted.

Concerning the number of crimes per 100 thousand persons of population (203) Azerbaijan keeps its foremost position in Commonwealth of Independent States.

16030 persons who committed different crimes were determined and 12954 (80.8%) of them were called into account. 5399 (33.7%) of them were youth, 2357 (14,7%) were women, 491 (3,1%) were teenagers.

Among the subjects of crimes 13811 persons (86.1%) were unemployed, 1484 (9.3%) were persons who had previous convictions.

In the territory of Azerbaijan Republic 466 facts (+55.0%) were committed by foreigners, including 213  (+44.0%) by citizens of CIS, and 130 criminal facts against foreigners were recorded.

This document has been translated from Azerbaijani into English by: Museyibova Khatira Gasham kizi