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Report of General - Colonel Ramil Usubov, Azerbaijan Republic Minister of Internal Affairs At Extraordinary Meeting Of Board of Cis Ministers of Internal Affairs Held in Moscow on 24-25 december


Dear Rashid Gumarovich!

Dear participants of the meeting!

First of all, I want to express my deep appreciation to dear Rashid Gumarovich for organization of 28th extraordinary meeting of CIS Board of Internal Affairs Ministers (BIAM) in Moscow, beautiful capital of Russia, for their hospitability, sincere accept, well prepared visit programs for delegations, creation of excellent conditions for effective activity.

Time itself dictates strengthening of relations among MIA of states-members of Commonwealth and I am positive that it serves not only the interests of our countries, but also world tend on concentration of efforts for adequate respond to transnational organized crime, threat and menace of international terrorism.

It is obvious that our today’s meeting correlates the processes going on in this direction. It is held in accordance with resolution adopted in Kiyev city in September of this year and we think that a serious step will be made on the way of settlement of duties put afore in Astana summit by heads of states-members of CIS. We are grateful to Rashid Gumarovich for taking responsibility in holding such important forum.

Dear colleagues!

In issue of global security provide contribution of every state in international efforts depends first of all, on appropriate measures executed on national level. In relation with it I want to inform shortly the participants of the meeting about provide of public safety and situation of combat against crime in our country.

Azerbaijan Republic Ministry of Internal Affairs organizes its activity on base of national strategy concerning supremeness of law, national priorities on provide of public safety, informing and prevent of crime, follow the human and citizen rights and freedom. Program on humanization of legislation, increase of activity effectiveness in conditions of improve of social-legal control level, also on quality renewing of mechanisms, means of impact on criminal situation is executed in system form, consistently. With purposes of strengthening of legislation, service, executive and accountancy-registration discipline, improvement of personnel professional preparation appropriate measures are executed. Improvement of informational-analysis issue is developing in dynamic form. The mutual useful relations with community, mass media, non-government organizations are expanding. Protection of civil society is increasing without stop. Strategic, tactic and complex combat measures closely with other law enforcement bodies are realized against organized forms of crime intentions, including cases of terrorism, rape crimes, illegal arm trade, illegal circulation of narcotic substances, human trade, uncontrolled migration. Crime situation is always under control. By the way of well working out of operation positions, .secret information and intensification of its realization preventive reaction for its change is provided.

Criminal world always feels the increasing legal enforcement pressure when inflicting damage to democratic values. The executed work entails prognosis. During last years decrease of criminal is observed in Azerbaijan Republic. Number of series crimes, intentional murders, robbery, offences by young is low. From 1993 till nowadays approximately 30m thousand illegal arm was taken, what resulted in decrease of crime committed by arm more than in 10 times. The reveal of crimes is more than 90 per cents. Number of crime during last five years was 200 crime facts per every hundred thousand men in our Republic.

Along with it we realize very well necessity to be always prepared for respond to threats and menaces of international terrorism, transnational organized crime, and aggressive separatism. International terrorism acts provocative with all world community, creates serious threat for all human future. Attacks of terrorists become more often, bloody, terrible and sudden. As it was mentioned at summit of CIS heads of states it dicatets us to be ready for constant adequate respond to threats and menaces of international terrorism.

Azerbaijan Republic is a participant of international conventions and protocols on combat against terrorism, renders appropriate help anti-terror coalitions, executes suitable measures for realization of UNO well-known resolutions on mentioned sphere.

Principal position of Azerbaijan is that in spite of place of terror bases, organizations situation, their motives and reasons\, because of serious threat they create to existing world reality, stability, development process of mankind, they should come face to face with strict respond, joint resistance of world community. It also concerns the separate regimes used for interests of international terrorism and organized transnational crime units situated out of international law sphere, on occupied territories. We are on side of all states which felt inhuman, terrible impact of terrorism on them.

Aimed, consistent measures related to prevent of terrorism, provide of constant exchange of operative information with appropriate organs of other states, persecution of crime on finance or support of terrorist acts and to render of any help in this sphere are executed in our country. During last five years Azerbaijan national security organs with Ministry of Internal Affairs, other law enforcement structures revealed and arrested about 30 men regarding terrorist organizations like “Al-Jihad” and “Caucasus Islamic Army”, more than 20 members of illegal armed units were taken into court.

14 persons which participated in terrorist acts on Russia territory and tried to hid on Azerbaijani territory were sent to Russia Federation by extradition.

6 organizations pretending to be as charity unit but suspected in gathering ands delivery of financial means to terrorists were liquidated, 43 men regarding such organization s were sent out of country boundaries,

In accordance with resolutions of UNO Security Council by joint efforts of law enforcement and special service organs complex legal and other measures consistently executed on prevent of terror acts execution in foreign states using Azerbaijani territory. The boundary control and control of documents delivery was intensified. Any kind of help on extradition of persons regarding the terrorist organizations is rendered. Giving shelter to such people or any means is fully prevented. Measures are done for freezing of money, financial assets and other profits in economic sphere of people and organization related to terrorism. Ministry of Internal Affairs in frames of its activity closely cooperates with law enforcement organs, other state structures in this sphere. Simultaneously, other appropriate state services put this direction of primary importance in total context of provide of security, of combat with transboundary organized crime.

Purposeful work, active information exchange is going on for intensifying legal-normative base of cooperation in combat with terrorism and extremism. Joint consented operative-prophylactic, operation-search and other special measures on informing and prevent of terror acts, terrorist and extremist groups and organizations activity, shutting the channels for entry of financial and other help for them, arrest and search of persons regarding terrorist, extremist activity are constantly realized.

CIS Board of Internal Affairs Ministers many times discussed issues of intensifying of cooperation in combat against terrorism and other forms of extremism. During this period several grave resolutions helping unifying attempts of MIA organs on combat against terrorism were adopted and realized. Positive experience was collected in mutual activity of several states’ ministries of internal affairs with our colleagues. Using the opportunity I want to appreciate heads of delegations participating here for mutual trust, their constructive approach ion settling joint cooperation issues.

Practice shows that it is possible to succeed by means of joint efforts. Without suspicion then main condition is intensification of mutual assistance, preventing exchange of important operative information, its deep analysis and purposeful usage, execution of joint consented measures, qualified realization of inquests, precious prognosis of these or other crime processes and other checked forms of cooperation. I think today’s discussions will help us certainly move ahead in these directions in near future. It is undoubtfully that realization of Plan for CIS Board of Internal Affairs Ministers for 2005 will give stimulus to this process. Representatives of Azerbaijan republic MIA took active part in working out of this Plan and our positions were reflected in that document.

We accept the ideology of this document, divide, support purposefulness of the measures considered in it. But we would like reference to UNO Convention and Security Council resolutions on issues of combat with terrorism to be in preamble of the document. By our opinion, it should be mentioned that joint combat with international terrorism shall be executed in frames of terms of serious follow the human, citizen rights and freedom, respect to democratic values.

In conditions of existence of “Boundary-Shield” operation executed during last years necessity of preparation and realization of analogical new special operational measures named “Astana” is under suspicion.

In whole, we support project of Plan and Resolution by making certain edition corrections and always ready to sign and in future realize those documents.

Thank you for your attention!