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The Information of the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

 On July 8, wide board meeting was held in the Ministry of Internal Affairs dedicated to finals of the activities for combating crime, protection of public order and provision of public security in the first half of 2016.
The Minister of Internal Affairs, colonel-general Ramil Usubov opening the meeting stated that notwithstanding the existing political tension and economic crises in the world and its separate regions,the authorities of internal affairs taking part in the comprehensive reforms and building works successfully continued in our country under the leadership of the President of Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Ilham Aliyev, has reliabily protected public order and public security in the republic in 6 months of 2016.
The positive trends observed in the dymanics and and structure of the crime were continued, the integrated measures taken jointly with other law enforcement authorities in the field of prevention, detection, investigation of crimes, protection of human rights and freedoms gave positive results, the criminogenic situation was kept under control. 
The authorities of internal affairs and the Internal Troops have performed the duties undertaken by them in hundreds of mass and international events held in various places of the republic as well as “Formula - 1 European gran Pri” competitons in mutual relations with other law enforcement authorities and special service structures. He noted that the intensive labor of the personnel was again estimated by the head of our state and a number of associates were presented the state awards, and awarded higher special ranks.  

 The first deputy of the minister of internal affairs, lieutenant-general Vilayat Eyvazov delivering a speech with wide report stated that 14.251 crimes were recorded on the subjects of operative-search and activities during the reporting period. 94.2 % of them or 13 429 of them were unlawful actions primary investigation of which was conducted by the authorities of internal affairs and prosecutor’s office. 85.2 % of these crimes were the crimes not constituting great danger or less grave crimes, only 14,8 % of them was grave and especially grave crimes. The positive trends observed in the dymanics and and structure of the crime for last years were reserved in the result of prophylactic activities continued in expedient manner. 

So that, in the structure of the crimes against personality, the intentional killing decreased 5,2 percent, rapes 16,7 percent, car theft 13 percent, hooliganism 6,4 percent, traffic accidents 13,4 percent, the number of persons killed in accidents 25,3 percent, the number of injured persons 13,2 percent.
It was noted that operative – investigation measures and procedural activities in detection of the crimes were directed to restoration of the violated rights and legal concerns of the victims of criminal attempts as in previous years. 
Detection of the crimes was improved and arranged 84.4 %. As well as, detection of grave and especially grave crimes (0,5 %), crimes against personality (1,2 %) and crimes against property (2,6 %), attempts to intentional killing (2,3 %), intentional causing injury to the health (1,1 %) and hooliganism (2,4 %) was improved. 
205 criminal cases remaining closed from previous years, as well as 29 grave and especially grave crimes were detected together with the prosecution authorities, 581 crimes or 24.4 % more crimes in relation to the compared period were detected with “hot tracks”.

 The police lieutenant-general Vilayat Eyvazov stated that application of modern work methods and as well as information technologies also gave positive results in implementation of service functions. With the operative measures taken on the information received by the “102” Call Center, 2759 unlawful actions were prevented, 2022  criminal cases were started. With the technical possibilities of the “Safe City” Service, 162 crimes were detected, 6366 traffic accidents,  135 events resulting in hit of the pedestrians were detected, 68 cars being searched were stopped.
The results of the search of persons accused and suspected in crimes were improved 4.1 % and 1536 persons evading from investigation and court authorities were detained. The place of 51persons searched in international level by the National Central Bureau of Interpol and 26 persons searched by the countries being members of this organization was identified. Total 56.8 % of the wanted persons were detained.  
With the operative – investigation measures taken in combating organized crime being of great importance in service activities, 141 criminal groups that committed 611 grave and especially grave crimes were neutralized. 90 persons maintaining and carrying illegal fire arm were involved into criminal liability.
With the operative measures directed to protection of the economic security of the state, 18 crimes of preparing and selling counterfeit money were detected. In the result, total 347 banknotes being 24.700 manats and 10 thousand USD and as well as about 13 tons of foodstuff and construction materials were removed from the illegal turnover. 
it was delivered to the attention that the measures of combating illegal turnover of durs being one of the types of transnational organized crimes were also efficient, and the main focus was directed to removal of the large amount of drugs from the illegal turnover. In the result, 609 kilogram of drugs were taken from criminal on 1675 facts identified in respect to the drugs as well as 429 facts connected with the sale of thereof, it is 177 kilogram more in comparison with 6 months of the last year.
With the operative prophylactic measures taken, 31 criminal groups consisting of 75 persons were neutralized, transit of 62,8 kg of drugs to the country through smuggling was prevented, hemp and poppy bushes with the total weight of about 102 tons were detected and destroyed in green mass form. 
The works done based on the relevant legislative acts and National Action Plan in trafficking in human beings have been systemic and subsequent. 93 crimes of trafficking in human beings or 16.2 % more in comparison with 6 months of the last year were identified.with the investigation of the criminal cases commenced based on these facts, 16 persons were given to the court liability, 52 persons being the victims of those actions were reintegrated to the society.
The first deputy of the minister noted that the results of the activities of the investigative and qualified investigation organizations implementing important functions in realization of the principle of inevitability of punishment for committed actions were sufficient in general in taking the response measures against criminal threats and challenges. Positive trends were observed in indemnification of the material damage incurred by the state, legal and natural entities being one of the main indicators of the procedural activities and the results of the works in this direction were improved 7,9 percent and arranged 85,6 percent.

The volume of works of the investigators having an important role in review of the information of criminal nature and adoption of decisions increased about 28 % in 6 months of the current year.
The rapporteur stated that the prophylactic measures implemented in the field of ensuring the safety of traffic being one of the main directions of the official activity also gave positive results. So that, the number of traffic accidents, the persons died in the accidents and the injured persons was considerably decreased in the background of increase of the number of transport facilities registered in the republic up to 15 thousand. 
In concrete, 1.402.254 or 25 percent more administrative violations against traffic rules were detected during the reporting period in comparison with 6 months of 2015. Besides, the legal measures were taken about 2404 persons who put curtain or tape on the grasses of the car, as well as 6574 persons driving the transport facility in drunken condition and 183 drivers for autohooliganism. The decrease is recorded in their number year-by-year as the result of intensification of the legislation, the propaganda conducted in reasonable manner and the conducted raids in respect  to those law violations. 
59.2 percent more, it means 972.383 persons were issued ID cards and 179.792 persons were issued passports within the framework of activities of provision of the citizens with ID cards. 41 persons committing the crime of theft in protected objects and as well as 65 persons who committed 56 crimes in shuttle buses.
In the report, it was delivered to the attention that the measures were continued in planned manner in the direction of the service-operational readiness and mobility of the Internal Troops regularly improved and developed due to the special attention and care of the President of Azerbaijan Republic, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Mr. Ilham Aliyev, intensification of the military discipline, strengthening the logistics and social protection of the personnel.
It was stressed that the program duties and necessary organizational-practical measures set forth by the country president in the field of reception of the citizens and review of their applications were fulfilled in the first half of the current year under the supervision of the management of the MIA and especially under the personal supervision of the minister of internal affairs, during the reporting period over 3 thousand citizens were received, as well as  2849 citizens from separate regions of the republic were received based on the previously approved schedule, most of issues raised were settled in place.
The police lieutenant-general Vilayat Eyvazov also provided detailed information on the works done in respect to organization of services  in the situation meeting the high requirements of the personnel due to attention and care of the head of the state, increase of rofessional training, strengthening the material-technical base, application of the modern information-communication technologies, improvement of the infrastructure. 

The chiefs of the separate structural units of the Ministry and city, district police authorities gave detailed information on the works done, the duties set forth on prevention of the existing shortages in the speeches around the report. 

The Minister Ramil Usubov concluding the meeting stated that during the reporting period operational-service activity was sufficient in whole, the duties defined by the law were duly fulfilled, as well as the associates and the military servants are disatinguished with high professionalism in combating crime and ensuring the public security, as well as the works of protection of domestic stability and order in the country are continued together with other law enforcement authorities. 
The minister, considering sufficient the activities of the personnel in combating crime and protection of the public order, directed the attention of the participatns of the board to the issues the settlement of which is important, gave tasks and reccommendations. 

The minister of internal affairs said that the shortcomings and errors in the operational-service activities of the authorities of internal affairs should be prevented within short period of time, the development of the positive results obtained in combating crime should be kept under serious control, the measures in the direction of increasing the professionalism of the personnel should be continued. 
The minister stated his assurance that  the personnel would fulfill the duties set forth by the president of Azerbaijan Reblic Mr. Ilham Aliyev in combating crime, ensuring public order and public security, as well as the orders and directions in respect to strengthening the law order and and rule of law in the country, improvement of operational–service activities, would not refuse its force and skills in protection of stability, peace, the legal concerns of the state, legal entities and natural entities from unlawful actions.