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Press Release by the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


January 12 - Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan Colonel General Ramil Usubov received Co-rapporteurs of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Monitoring Committee Cesar Florin Preda and Stefan Schennach.

The Minister informed the guests about the Special Action Plans that were prepared and submitted for implementation in the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the purpose of discharge of all duties arising from the ordinances signed by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr Ilham Aliyev for protection of human right in our country.
Having mentioned the close business cooperation between MIA and the Council of Europe, R.Usubov noted that efforts and measures taken within the scope of this cooperation to ensure human rights and freedoms are of special importance. A number of regulatory instruments and new laws were adopted based on democratic values with the active participation of experts from advanced European states which determine the legal basis of police activities in our country, and human and civil rights and freedoms protection was brought to the forefront.

It was mentioned that consistent measures are taken to further improve professional competence of the internal affairs staff and study the international practices. For this purpose, about 2500 our employees took part in various training, workshops and conferences organized with the support of the Council of Europe, OSCE and other international organization in the past 5 years

It was noted that the principle of human factor that underlies operations of the 102 Service launched in the republic to provide prompt measures against any illegal acts in respect of citizens provided for centralized control of this process. At the same time, the Automated Safe City System was launched in the republic to provide safety of the community, continuous and live monitoring of public tranquility and prompt measures in case of any emergency events. The Hot Line Service and email addresses of the Ministry also play an important role in organization of effective relations with the community and taking prompt actions for applications received.

The Minister emphasized that ‘The Police Supported by the Community’ project was carried out in police departments of a number of cities and regions of the republic by the initiative of and with support from the Baku Office of OSCE in 2008, appropriate amendments were made to the national legislation based on the international practice and the institution of «Area Supervisor» was established for the purpose of using voluntary help of citizens in the effective organization of relations with the community, police-community, police-citizens relations and public order maintenance.
It was also mentioned that the Ministry personnel swiftly and fairly consider all complaints about violations of human and civil rights and freedoms, report on the results and take appropriate measures. Over the past 5 years, 1579 persons were punished for abusive treatment of citizens, various offences, in a word, violation of civil rights, among them 146 were dismissed from internal affairs agencies, 134 were discharged from their posts, and 6 were charged with criminal offences.

The Minister emphasized that appropriate measures are taken for reconstruction of temporary detention facilities of the police authorities in accordance with up-to-date standards, and necessary conditions are created to provide unrestricted monitoring of TDFs by representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations. It was mentioned that over the past 5 years alone 1697 monitoring visits were made to temporary detention facilities.

The co-rapporteurs expressed their gratitude to Ramil Usubov for hearty reception and detailed information about efforts made in the field of human rights and freedoms protection.
A number of other issues were also discussed in amicable and frank atmosphere of the meeting, and the Minister of Internal Affairs provided detailed answers to the guests’ questions.