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Press Release by the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


November 8 – An extended meeting of the Board devoted to the status of execution of the MIA Board resolutions, efforts made in the field of search for wanted and missing persons and identification of unidentified corpses and fighting against illicit traffic in and abuse of drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors was held in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
 Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan Colonel General Ramil Usubov noted that the subject under discussion cover an essential part of emphasized the importance of MIA official activities and are of key importance in terms of protection of human life, health, rights and freedoms.
It was also emphasized that efforts made by the internal affairs bodies for combating crime prevention and maintenance of public order and security were generally adequate and positive tendencies achieved for that period were not only maintained but even developed. Minister of Internal Affairs noted that work conducted in every of the above mentioned three areas over the recent years was more effective and at the same time pointed out at certain shortcomings and gaps in operational and official activities which take place along with the success.

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Chief of the Main Institutional Inspectorate Department Police General-Lieutenant Fazil Guliyev delivered a report on the first item of the agenda.
The speaker noted that a determined effort was made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to provide effectiveness and consistency of crime prevention in the republic, reliable protection of human rights and freedoms, formation of an effective management system and generally to organize activities in compliance with legal requirements and commissions of the Head of State. Taken actions made for total control over the criminal situation in the country, swift response to negative changes occurring in the operational environment and discharge of duties in accordance with interests of the people and state as well as provided satisfaction of citizens. It was noted that Board resolutions have played a significant role in achieving the above mentioned and other positive results including improvement of control mechanism in execution of assigned tasks, strengthening of the legislation, service and operational discipline, increase of every executive officer’s responsibility for committed areas.
 It was mentioned that within recent 3 years 13 Board meetings were held and 21 resolutions were passed based on their results. These resolutions set specific tasks for authorities and departments in respect of further development of positive results and remove shortcomings. Analysis of the status of execution of these resolutions shows that tasks and instructions set by the Ministry apparatus for ministry agencies are fully and timely implemented under the control of the supervisor, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs. All employees take full responsibility for this work at the local level and all assigned measures are implemented completely.

Delivering a report on the second item of the agenda Chief of the Main Criminal Investigations Directorate Police Colonel Arzu Dashdamirov noted
that the status of search for accused and missing persons which has a considerable effect on the operative situation and crime solution is under constant control, efforts made in this area were discussed during the previous Board meetings and briefing sessions, written instructions were sent to local divisions for further improvement of their activities, effective support was given to municipal and regional police departments.
It was noted that in the result of investigative measures implemented for 9 months of the current year 65.4 % of wanted persons were detained that is 3.3% more than in the same period of the previous year. Task forces were sent to CIS countries to identify location of wanted persons and detain them, and in the result of these measures location of 35 persons outside the territory of the republic as well as location of 190 persons on the wanted list of the law-enforcement agencies of CIS countries was identified.
Touching upon the organization and implementation of search activities to identify location of missing persons, the speaker noted that from year to date location of 71.1% of missing persons was identified that is 1.4% more than in the same period of 2015.

Chief of the Main Drug Enforcement Department Hazi Aslanov delivered a report on combating illicit traffic in drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors.
He stated that measures are taken for further improvement of organizational activities and control mechanism and coordination of activities of regional and territorial police departments. A total of 211 kg of potent narcotic substances including about 160 kg of marihuana, 37.7 kg of heroin, 14 kg of hashish were excluded from illicit turnover in the result of 119 operational and preventive measures implemented in coordination with 28 territorial agencies from year to date.
Over 9 months of this year, in the result of operational and investigative activities carried out by the internal affairs agencies of the republic a total of 2511 criminal facts of illicit drug trafficking were detected including 620 facts of sale of drugs; 48 criminal groups of 118 persons were neutralized. 784.5 kg of various narcotic substances of the total cost 6,774 million at the “black” market were confiscated that 52 kg more than during 9 months of the previous year, and smuggling of 70.8 kg of drugs was prevented that is 11.4 kg more than in the same period of the previous year. Article 209 was added to the Code of Administrative Offences at the initiative of the Ministry to provide for responsibility for taking appropriate measures for eradication of illicit wild plants containing narcotic substances. Anti-narcotic divisions of municipal and regional police departments made 99 administrative protocols for 9 month of the current year in respect of this kind of offences, penalties for a total amount of 6300 manats were levied against 28 persons. Appropriate measures are also taken on another 71 protocols. A total of 109 persons were convicted of criminal offences related to drugs, 63 of them were arrested and 46 were penalized.

It was noted that meetings were held in about 2000 cities and regions of the republic devoted to prevention of drug consumption, education in the law and promotion of healthy lifestyle among adolescents and young people, training and lessons were organized for administration, teachers, psychologists and medical professionals in more than 300 secondary schools.

Touching upon the report, other speakers also told about activities carried out and success achieved in this area and mentioned existing shortcomings and gaps as well as measures taken to correct them.
Summarizing the meeting, Ramil Usubov defined the operational and service activities as generally satisfactory and demanded to eliminate existing shortcomings to make a significant turn by the end of the year. The Minister gave specific recommendations and instructions in this regard.
Minister of Internal Affairs mentioned the success achieved in the field of crime prevention in our country in the result of the focused and consistent law enforcement policy carried on by President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and special care given to the staff of internal affairs agencies, and emphasized the importance of a worthy response to this care.
Having reminded that 2 months left till the end of the year, Mr. Usubov called the staff to further improve achieved positive results, to avoid complacency and at the same time to strengthen preventive work especially awareness raising among adolescents and young people, to carry out appropriate activities for further anti-narcotic propaganda and agitation in educational institutions with the participation of law enforcement agencies and civic institutions, to determine and implement appropriate measures for crime prevention and solution.
It was noted that adequate measures should be taken to solve crimes committed under unknown circumstances and timely prevent commission of crimes by previously convicted persons and minors as well as domestic crimes, to strengthen legitimacy and discipline in every agency and department, to organize effective receipt of citizens and timely and prompt consideration of their applications, to increase responsibility for tasks and areas committed to internal affairs officers and to improve the level of their training.

The Minister of Internal Affairs stated that the staff will discharge vigorously and selflessly all its duties arising from laws of the country and tasks set by President of the Republic Ilham Aliyev and will exert every effort to protect stability and public order as well as lawful interests of the state and citizens against any offences, to serve the people, state and President faithfully and to finalize this year worthily as it always has been.