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Structure of MIA

To execute the functions and responsibilities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs the following specialized services are currently included into the Ministry’s headquarters according to the structure approved by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan:
  Secretariat (main department)  
  Main Institutional Inspectorate Department  
  Administration of Duty Services (department)  
  Main Criminal Investigation Department  
  Main Investigation & Inquest Department  
  Main Organized Crime Department  
  Main Drug Enforcement Department  
  Internal Security Department  
  Crime Detection Department  
  Main Operations & Statistics Department  
  Main Public Security department  
  Main Department of Internal Troops  
  Main Transportation Police Department  
  Main Traffic Police Department  
  Main Guarding Department  
  Main Passport, Registration & Migration Department  
  National Central Bureau of Interpol in the Republic of Azerbaijan (main department)  
  Main Human Resources Department  
  Internal Investigation Department  
  Department in Charge for Personnel  
  International Relations Department  
  Main Information&Communication Department  
  Mass Media Service (department)  
  Financial & Planning Department  
  Main Logistics Department  
  Medical Department  
  Managerial Service (department)  
  Construction & Engineering Department  
  Fitness (Sports) Center (status of department)  
  Conscription (mobilization) & Civil Defense Division